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January 9, 2011

Ask A Blogger: Blogger to WordPress

I thought that you would ¬†find this interesting Madame Deals is hosted on WordPress and we find that is very easy to use. It is however much harder then blogger but there weren’t as many legalities when operating a website as a business. The rules are clearly stated for Blogger. We at Madame Deals weighed the costs and efforts mentioned below and determined that we needed to move our site over in order to grow and expand our business.

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Moving from a blog hosted on blogger to wordpress is a huge adjustment. It is well worth the change, but it’s important to understand the financial cost before you begin your journey.
The cost of a wordpress blog:

  1. Cost of a wordpress theme approx. $75-$90. Free themes are available, but you will need some knowledge of CSS & HTML.
  2. Cost of professional content migration from blogger to wordpress, approx. $100-$150. You could attempt this yourself, but may lose followers or PR.
  3. Hosting: Prices vary by host, approx. $110-$120 per year with a dedicated IP address or $85-$95 per year without.
  4. Design changes: Cost varies widely, look to spend at least $50. You do not have to change your design.

There are several options for web hosting. Below are the 3 sites that have been recommended to me:

  1. Host Gator (my hosting)
  2. BlueHost
  3. Go Daddy

While you’re saving for a move from blogger to wordpress, visit Blogging with Amy & Savvy Blogging for invaluable tips and tricks.

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