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May 1, 2015

Barbara’s Advocare 24 day Challenge

Advocare 24 day Challenge


Barbara’s Advocare 24 day Challenge

I started the Advocare 24 day Challenge on February 16, 2015. After seeing my good friend Karla have great success, I decided to give it a try. I was stuck on a plateau, and feeling sluggish. I walked 3-4 days a week, but was not having much in the way of weight loss. I thought the Advocare would be a great jump start to eating healthy and getting more active. It was exciting getting my products, supplements and powered drinks. I am an organized person by nature and having everything planned out was a great tool for me. My Advocare products took center stage on my kitchen counter, and I looked forward to each morning. The first weeks on the program I saw great results. I lost 7 pounds in 10 days. I had increased energy, I was no longer snacking in between meals and I just felt better. I really enjoyed the Spark Energy drink. The lemon was my favorite!! It was delicious with ice and blended in the blender for a few minutes. The Spark drinks really helped with the mid-morning hunger. By the end of the 24 Day Challenge, I had lost a total of 11 pounds!!


The Advocare program was just what I need to get healthy and eat right. I would highly recommend the Advocare 24 Day Challenge to anyone looking to get healthy and become more active. With the right person at your side encouraging you, and giving you support, you to can be successful. Advocare is not just a diet plan it’s a life plan. It gives you the tools to change the way you look at dieting. I would recommend the program and will continue this new weight loss journey.

advocare items

Start with ADVOCARE now!

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Don’t forget to get our Advocare printables for the 24 day challenge.

advocare 24 day challenge

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Twelve Months of Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey

advocare 24 day challenge

Twelve Months: My Journey to health, wellness and renewal

Twelve months. 365 days. 8760 hours. 525, 600 minutes. 31,536,000 seconds. One year ago today (November 11, 2013) I made the decision to take control of my health, wellness and lifestyle. I accepted the gift of the 24 day Advocare Challenge kit from my friend Amee and was ready to start the challenge. Stepping on the scales that Monday morning I choked back the tears, shame and deep sadness as the number stopped at 285; it was time for a change. Suffering under the physical and emotional weight of a severe food addiction that I tried to keep hidden for over 20 years my body hurt, my heart ached, I was sad, ashamed and full of fear; I felt as if I had reached the end of my “rope”. Within a few days I began to notice changes in my physical body as my emotional self, my spirit began to awaken. Each day I would take a “selfie” to document the changes that were taking place. One particular morning I struggled to figure out what was so different about the image in the mirror. After staring at myself for a few minutes I realized that there was less makeup on my face and my hair was straighter than before. There staring back at me was a new emerging version of myself; I no longer felt the need to hide behind the mask and big fluffy hair. A friend referred to this change as Karla 2.0 or K2 if you will.

As of today, I have lost 88 pounds, dropped 5 clothing sizes and have a renewed spirit, a healthier body and more energy than ever before. Life is better than I imagined. In honor of this particularly special anniversary I’ve put together a list of lessons (ahh haa moments) learned this past year.

  • I’ve had to move my seat closer to the steering wheel
  • I can cross my legs!
  • My feet have gotten smaller and my shoes are cuter.
  • A preschooler fits in my lap a lot easier now.
  • I can take a bubble bath. As difficult as it is to admit, I wasn’t able to fit in the standard bath tub in my house. Now bubble baths are part of my everyday life…rub a dub dub!
  • Hugs are so much better when the person hugging you can wrap their arms all the way around you; it’s simply
  • perfect.
  • I can sit crossed legged on the floor!
  • I bought a belt!
  • I can run!
  • I can drink a gallon of water every day.
  • Brussels sprouts are still gross but I’ve learned to eat them because they are good for my body.
  • My closet is full of color.
  • Climbing stairs is not a death sentence; I actually choose to take the steps now. It’s a great way to get in a little extra cardio.
  • I can sleep closer to my husband at night.
  • My pants have zippers in them!

As I embark on year number 2 I look back at the past year and give thanks for all I have been blessed with. The journey is far from over but the trip so far has been one of hard work, determination, deep faith, steadfast prayer, un-ending love and support from those who love me unconditionally; so awesome.

To my dear friend Amee, I can never thank you enough for blessing me with the gift of Advocare that put me on the path to better health. More importantly I am grateful for the gift of your love and friendship. To my husband David words cannot express my love for you and the gratitude I have for your patience, for taking up the slack and allowing me to focus on myself. I love you with everything that I am and everything I am yet to be. To my children, Melinda and Christopher you make my world beautiful. Thank you both for loving me and encouraging me to keep going. I am honored to be your momma. To my coach and friend Alfred, thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, for answering countless questions, encouraging me to push just a bit harder, for keeping in touch for sharing your knowledge and never giving up on me. To my gym family who makes me laugh hard, think deep, run faster and farther and keeps me on my toes. You all make my workouts more fun. To my special friends (you know who you are) who pray for me, encourage and love me unconditionally I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your presence in my life is a gift that I cherish.

As I look forward to the next twelve months I realize that my first goal of 80 pounds lost has been met; it’s time for a new goal. After much thought and lots of prayer I have decided to set a new goal of a total of 135 pounds lost; only 47 more to go. I have also decided to begin to train for a half marathon (13.1 miles) in mid-April. I am excited about the next “leg” of the journey and what the future holds for me. Every day is a gift that I treasure.

I encourage you to take time for yourself; make the decision to get healthy. For me Advocare gave me the jump start I needed to get going in the right direction. Whatever you do do it for yourself and do it well. Life’s a journey to be enjoyed; enjoy it.


Advocare results 

advocare items


Karla’s weight loss journey started with ADVOCARE!

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I am proud to introduce a new column to Madame Deals! I think we all need a touch point a place we can go to be inspired. Karla is my children’s teacher, a good friend, and a person with a heart of gold. I hope that her words will inspire you to do more. We are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with. It is important to listen with your heart and proceed with your eyes open. Enjoy!

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Check out Karla’s 24 Day Advocare Challenge updates!

July 27, 2014

My Response to your responses on Obesity


If you didn’t read the post you can it is Your Child is Obese and It is Your Fault. I sure plucked some nerves. I didn’t address some children have weight problems because of health. That is true. That isn’t who I speaking about. That isn’t the majority. I could google it but let’s say that is 5% of the population for argument’s sake. The rest of the weight problems are attributed to food choices and lack of exercise. I think I hit a nerve because several of you struggle with weight. The question is why? You know the facts. You know the equation but you struggle. I think you struggle because you do not place the proper value on your importance. If you did the extra validation of a treat wouldn’t be as important as making sure you were healthy for yourself.

I am know for being blunt in real life. I am usually not so blunt online but truly seeing all those obese children broke my heart. I just couldn’t understand why a parent wouldn’t do something about it. I got called all sorts of things on Facebook and had several people wrote  nasty messages. Good for you maybe I made you so mad that you see what others aren’t willing to say. I am willing to say I judge parents. I do and I did as a teacher. I judged the parent who sent their kids to school after giving them a soda and a snowball and then told me I need to help them learn. They were setting their child up to fail. I can’t sit still after having a soda and a snowball. This wasn’t ADD this was sugar.  I responded back in a harsh way to your comments because you were still making excuses. I wanted to tick you off. Yup, I did. Why? Well sometime anger works to motivate. I believe as a country we are to easy on people. We “baby” them. What has that gotten us but a huge number of overweight people? We offer commercials, print ads, education and different events to promote healthy living. You need to get “it”. You need to understand that as a parent you are the role model and excuses aren’t going to fix the problem. We all have them.  We all also have the answers to resolve this issue. I am going to offer some of my own examples. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum I was skinny but not healthy. I recognized the issue and addressed it.

child obesity


WATCH the VIDEO at the End of this post

I was told to offer advice on how to fix this issue instead of challenging your excuses. These are my examples of how to end childhood obesity.

1) Go to a doctor and determine if this is a medical condition. Let them tell you the implications for the future if your child isn’t given the help they need. It may shock you or scare you but at least it will inform you.

2) Empty all the crap out of your house. Purge! Leave one package of whatever and when it is gone it is. I do not care what you spent on the food. It isn’t money well spent it isn’t good for you. I mean honestly someone told me they do not have time to see if their kids had 13 cookies. Really? Get off the internet long enough to make portioned controlled amounts if your kid over indulges. Help set limits. This is your job to set limits for your kid.

3) Meal plan take out a calendar and figure out your schedule. Then look at the sales flyer and figure out what you can make around your schedule and your budget. I buy chicken when it is on sale and other meat and just pair them with on sale veggies or veggies I picked up at the farmer’s market. If you have an issue trying to figure out what to make for an affordable price I would like to suggest my friend Erin’s cookbook. The $5 dinner mom. I find a lot of great things in there. They are usually pretty close to $5-$7 for a family of 5. Yes, that is less than a supersized meal for one. It isn’t easier but it is cheaper. Request it at the library. I organize a freezer cooking food swap. I make multiples of the same meal and swap them. I would find a couple of friends and eat healthy together. It is cheaper and easier. I spend 5 hours and cook 20 meals for month.

4) I have a whole site on slow cooker recipes that you can make ahead and freeze. These are some of my favorite people ask me to make them the lemon chicken all the time. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare and freeze. You can make these ahead and freeze them. Freezer to Crockpot Meals

freezer meals

Soups that Freeze Well

I also love these soups that freeze well

5) Make a goal. Not a weight goal but an exercise goal. I do not care if it is not taking elevator or if it is walking the stairs for five minutes and then ten. I challenged myself to this thing below it sucked. However, it worked I found a couple of friends on facebook and we did it together. I say do it if it takes all day. Just do it! Do not quit on yourself! How about this. I will do this again with you. We can start today. I mean there is no time like the presence and I could use some motivation myself. The best part is you can do this on your own.


6) Write your goal down and place it where you look. It can be on the cabinet on your cellphone. Offer yourself a reward that isn’t food. If I go to the gym I get to read my book for 30 minutes. Yes, I love to read so it motivates me and so does have the 30 minutes alone.

7) Have a consequence for not following your goal. It could be ten jumping jacks or walk around the block.

8) Take pictures of yourself daily. That way you can see the change. You can see Karla’s journey. I told her to get her “shit” together because I wanted her around. Well, now I see less of her. 80 lbs less. Yes, you read right. She lost 80 lbs. She started her journey with Advocare which I sell and bought her. You can see her results and other peoples results. Advocare Results. It helps you the first 24 days to get yourself in order if you follow it and learn from it you will be well on your way. You can buy yours now Advocare 24 day challenge.

advocare 24 day



9) No, you do not need a fancy plan. Just make healthy portioned control choices and exercise. I go to the gym and just try whatever class. I am not able to actually do them all but I keep moving. The key is to keep moving. Do this as a family do not single out your child. We could all use a little more exercise and better food choices.

10) Every time you make an excuse validate that it is an excuse and move on. Get up and get going being on social media and the internet and reading about what to do isn’t going to actually impact you. You need to make the choice. Stop being afraid of failure and just do it!

Watch this video and see what I mean






June 25, 2014

24 Day Challenge Wrap Up

I just finished my 24 Day Challenge… and what a CHALLENGE that was.  BUT I am feeling better and looking thinner, so I am off to a good start to continue loosing weight and getting healthier.  My clothes are fitting looser, and I notice less fat on my stomach and back (YAY!).

I am currently down 6 pounds since I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge, so this is a start.  I was really hoping to loose more during the challenge, but I also need to face the facts that I am not technically in the over weight range (based on my BMI), so while I know I could stand to loose a few pounds, the pounds do not come off as fast for me, compared to someone that has a lot more weight to lose.  I plan to continue my healthy lifestyle and I know I can reach my goal weight in time.  This 24 Day Challenge is just a kick start for me and my body, training to teach me to eat healthier, eat more smaller meals, and be less hungry (which for me is huge because I am a “snack when I am hungry” person).

SUCCESS… but I still need work.  I am glad I did this 24 Day Challenge, and I look forward to working toward my goal.  If you are thinking of doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge… DO IT!  The only thing you have to lose is weight, right?


May 1, 2014

Clean Eating Meals

Clean Eating Meals

Have you heard of Clean Eating?

Clean eating is a lifestyle! If you want to lose weight or just to stay healthy this is probably the most effective way. By only eating Clean Eating Meals, you choose the freshest and best options available and staying away from processed foods. You don’t have to starve yourself to shed the pounds, instead you choose more vegetables, fruits and whole grains and stay away from refined grains, sugars, salt and unhealthy fats.

Below are some of our favorite Clean Eating Meals:

Advocare shrimp recipe

Shrimp Clean eating recipe


Clean Eating Weight Loss – Chicken with Fresh Veggies Recipe

Turkey Taco Recipe

Turkey Taco Recipe

baked stuffed chicken recipes

Baked Stuffed Chicken Recipes

Do you have Clean Eating Meals recipes or tips? Share it with us below!

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Diane’s Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Advocare 24 Day Challenge


bphoto 1

Advocare Weight Loss

I am so excited to be doing this 24 day challenge! In truth, I’ve done the challenge before and had good results. But I didn’t make a lifestyle change. And folks, you have to commit to making a lifestyle change or the results will only be temporary. Trust me!

So who am I… I am an assistant principal of a K-8 school. I have four boys. And all my boys are involved in extracurricular activities causing a ridiculously busy schedule. And that’s been part of my excuse. I don’t like to cook so when we’re out at the kids’ events it’s always so easy to grab some fast food.

I signed on as an Advocare distributor the last time I did the challenge a few years back. And it made for a nice discount. I never sold the product I just used the distributor number to get discounted product. But that was years ago and many pounds since.

My school started a Biggest Loser challenge and I signed up figuring it’d help me kick it into gear. When I did my first weigh-in, my heart sank. I was 199.8 pounds. I was crushed. I have never been so heavy. I used to be a petite 120-130. I knew I was overweight but never stepped on a scale because I knew it’d be too heavy for me. So when I did that first weigh- in, I felt broken. So I made some changes. I started eating better and cutting some things out but I still wasn’t all in. I’d cheat and eat things just because they were around. I’d stop off and pick up a cookie or a smoothie because I had a craving.

At the one month weigh-in, I was down 4.4 pounds. I thought not too bad considering I didn’t stay on track. But inside I knew I could and should do better. So when Madame Deals issued the chance to do a 24 day challenge and write about it, I jumped on the chance!

Why you ask? Why now? What difference would that make now? Well, because if I have to write about and share my results then I’ll stick with it. Advocare is a great product and if I’m using it then I’ll stick to it. I found an Advocare 24 day challenge manual that lays it all out. Everything from what to take, when to take it, what to eat, and what to avoid.

So I know this will be my recipe for success. A good product, a how-to manual, a supportive Advocare coach, and the commitment to stay true to Madame Deals blog.

Advocare 24 Day Challnege Review: After the Advocare cleanse phase

I finished the cleanse phase and I’m down 5.6 pounds and 6 inches. 🙂

During the cleanse phase, I stuck with meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch. I figured it’d be the easiest way to keep on track instead of trying to pack lunches that I’d forget to take to work. I took Catalyst for my snacks in between meals. Since it was the cleanse phase, I was able to eat fruit with my Catalyst. I chose to use the Catalyst because I wanted to amp up my Advocare plan.

Unfortunately, I did not make it to the gym at all during my first ten days. I believe my results would have been much better had I gone to the gym. Now that I’m in the Max phase, I will make sure I go to the gym on my burn days. Or if I don’t make it to the gym, I’ll at least walk or run.

I’m going to continue with the meal replacement shakes to make sure I’m getting the nutrition needed at each meal. I like the taste of the shakes. I’ve used the strawberry and vanilla ones. For the strawberry ones, I’ve occasionally added the no-sugar fat free Jello cheesecake mix 2 scoops to make it like Strawberry Cheesecake. For the vanilla shake, I’ve added the Oreo Jello to mix it up a bit. The shakes are good without the mix ins but since I’m having 2 shakes a day I just wanted some variety.

What I always hear is the hardest part of the cleanse phase is the fiber drink. I didn’t mind it so much. You just have to make sure you use at least 10 oz of water. If it’s still too thick for you, just add a little more water. I know some people that have mixed it with orange juice.

Day 20 already! I can’t believe my Advocare 24 day challenge is almost past. I got on the scale this morning and was a little disappointed because my weight has remained the same from day 10. My inches lost has gone from down 6 to down 10 inches, so I’m excited about that.

When I took the updated pictures, I didn’t see much change from the front but I feel like I see a difference in the back view. So I’ll just have to walk backwards for a while! 😉

I wake up easier each morning and feel more rested. I think eating better and taking the Advocare supplements has helped me sleep better and has helped me be more productive during the day. I like having the energy to make it through the day now as opposed to the sluggish trudge I felt before. Love, love, love SPARK!

As I think about my last 4 days of the challenge, I’m hoping for continued results. The 24 day challenge is only the beginning of my journey.

After the  Advocare 24 Day Challenge


As I move forward from the 24 day challenge, I’m hoping to have continued results. Even if I didn’t see the scale move as much as I would like, I know I’m making choices that’ll lead to a happier, healthier me. And I know the change in choices will help me get the changes on the scale.

I know it took more than 24 days to put on the weight so I know it’ll take more than 24 days for it to go. It’s been all about making a lifestyle change and I’m well on my way.

I’m taking away a renewed focus on better health. I needed to kick start my weight loss after letting life get in the way. The challenge has put my body on a schedule that I plan on keeping. Instincts know when it’s time for a snack or it’s time for a meal. I had lost that. I’d go hours without eating and then overindulge and eat in excess. Or I’d graze. I’d nibble on whatever was around whether it was candy, snacks, or food.

Now I’ve passed over snacks and candy. I don’t feel inclined to eat just because it’s there. I don’t feel compelled to keep eating because the food is there. My triggers go off when I’m full. I haven’t been overeating like I was before.

My advice to anyone considering the challenge is to take the leap. Commit to yourself and commit to following the challenge and you’ll get results.

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advocare 24 day

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