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November 7, 2012



thanksgiving pictures

I was recently asked to explain why I am Thankful. That is a really loaded question. I really do not have anything not to be thankful for. I learned a long time ago that every minute counts and with every action you should think of the reaction. I know that being thankful isn’t as important as setting an example. I know that being a good person helps me to be a better wife and mother. I know that if you look at a problem long enough there is a solution. I am not afraid of the work it will take to achieve a resolution.

Who am I?

I am also someone who keeps my word and doesn’t back down when challenged but I am smart enough to listen to the other side. I am thankful that I grew up loved. I am equally thankful that I married the right person and have a wonderful family. I am thankful that my daughter puts on my lipstick even when it is all over her face. I am thankful that my oldest will hug me when no one is looking. I am even thankful when I am woken up with “Mommy, I need you because it is cuddle time.”Yes, it is 5:00 am.

I am thankful that I inspire others to see themselves in a way they never consider. I am a dream builder and not a dream crusher. I am someone who treats others the way I would want to be treated. I am honest and open and most likely too much of both. I am thankful that I am not bothered by my flaws because they aren’t important. i I am thankful that I can do a lot with a little as $100. I am thankful that I am comfortable just being me. I know that is enough.

January 5, 2012

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

I’ll admit it … these days I need a little motivation to do some of the most basic things.  Working two full-time jobs is starting to take its toll.  My house is not filthy but it is far from clean.  The pantry, which used to be fully stocked, is running a little bare.  Fortunately, my husband continues to do the laundry and ironing, make the bed, and transport Missy to where she needs to go.

It is time to regroup and make a plan.  Here are the first few things I need to do:  make a basic meal plan, schedule a firm time every week to go grocery shopping, and turn off the computer for an hour every day so I will not be distracted and might actually do something around the house.

Our stockpile has served us well over the last few months but it is time to restock it.  I plan to start from the beginning.  I will take stock of the pantry and linen closet and determine exactly what we have, what we should donate, and what don’t ever use.  I will then choose two or three items each week which are at rock bottom prices and buy enough to last us for three months.  I will work on restocking our freezer so we have plenty of meats to choose from.

Most importantly, I will take some time each day to just ENJOY.  There comes a time when “all work and no play makes Jack (or in this case, me) a dull boy/girl.”  It’s time to “put one foot in front of the other” and “smell the roses along the way.”

Any reader suggestions on getting motivated would be appreciated!


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