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September 1, 2014

Being Kind Counts

Being Kind Counts

being kind counts

I had an idea. I know. I always have random ideas. I woke up one night and bought the url I knew I wanted to do something big. I just wasn’t sure what. Then I had an idea if I could take 30 days and 30 bloggers and ask each person to do a good deed I would have 30 deeds accomplished. Well that seems simple. Then I thought if each of the 30 bloggers invited two people and their two people invited two people. We could accomplish my goal. The goal I have is 1,000 good deeds in 30 days. I believe we can do this. I am inviting you to help.



All I need you to do is do a good deed.. and share the image above and tag two friends to do a good deed.

Then if you would report your good deed here

I will report mine and tell you what my team and myself are up to daily. You can follow the hashtags … I believe we can make a huge impact!



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June 28, 2014

Giving Back Pack


Dear Friends,

This isn’t just any event to me. It is the single most important event we do. The reason is simple we have the ability to make a real difference using the power of our influence. We have the power to inspire others to give by setting the example ourselves. I realize budgets are tight so we bust our bottoms every year to find a brand to sponsor our event to give backpacks to kids in need. The concept is simple our sponsor will provide you with $25. Then we challenge you to buy the most supplies possible and a backpack. We ask that you donate it to a child in need. We ask that you blog about it and tell your readers. We ask that you thank our sponsor for making it possible.

school supplies

I was a teacher and I can tell you the power of a stranger believing in you enough to give you a brand new bag full of supplies can make a huge impact. We are telling these children you matter. We believe in you. We think you deserve the tools you need to be successful. I even put notes in the bags I donate. I get my kids involved. It is important for them to understand how giving works and how important school is. This is a part of my heart. I hope you will consider joining us Madame Deals Media as we put on our annual event to give back to our community by enforcing the power of education one backpack at a time. We will work together to promote one another and our cause and hopefully inspire others to match our donation or participate. We will make sure that we are setting an example and getting people to think about the power of giving back. I am a firm believer in paying it forward. I look forward to another great year and hundreds of new backpacks for kids in need.


Here are our events for the last two years we had over 80 bloggers and we made a huge difference.




This is how you get involved:

1) Sign up for EBATES if you aren’t all ready EBATES   <————-  Must complete to be eligible

2) Fill out the doc NOTE: SCROLL on the right side

3) We will contact you if selected. If you are selected we will need you to schedule your post between July 15- Sept 1.

4) Then you will go shopping, write a post, promote your post

5) Be a hero 🙂

pay it forward


January 23, 2014

Life Changing Love Story

Life Changing Love Story

life changing love story

   I often wonder if you are a part of your experiences or are experiences part of what makes you whole? I haven’t ever shared this because some of me wonders if it really happened. I do believe in the other world and I do believe in signs so I guess I question the existence of the event. This life changing experience happened two winters ago. I often have moments of struggle. I struggle with staying home. I often can’t stand it. I stay home because that was the decision my husband and I made a long time ago. I stay home because it really is the best option for our family based on my husband’s career and the needs of our three kids. I have also built my own business and have an amazing team of people that count on me and I count on them. I still struggle because my heart is still in the classroom and I miss kids with special needs.

I was having one of those days when everything was broken. I burnt breakfast trying to find a lunch box that didn’t make it inside. I finally made another breakfast only to have it dropped on the floor and somehow stepped on. I attempted to get three children out the door with their things in some sort of order. I looked at them and wanted to cry. I love my children but sometimes my best efforts do not yield children that look clean or cared for. They had all taken showers, lovingly had their hair dried, clothes picked out, and breakfast cooked twice. They looked as though they went to war and the oatmeal won. I decided to just send them battered by oatmeal to school. The thought of adding nine more items to the laundry and starting all over again would have broken me that day. I had deadlines due for my other job and my own business. I had oatmeal in places I didn’t think possible in my kitchen and I hadn’t eaten a bite.

I dropped my children off at school. I had a moment of peace. I stayed in my car and enjoyed the moment and then my emails starting beeping. It was back to life. I drove home. I grabbed what was once a warm piece of toast which I dipped in the half eaten “second attempt at breakfast “oatmeal and I started to cry. I just never imagined my life would be trying to get oatmeal off of walls, kids, and out of clothing. I got a text from my husband that we would be home late some client was in town without notice. Oh! Awesome! That was just what I needed since I had scheduled meetings knowing he gets home at 6:30 for 7:00 pm. I grabbed my laptop and turned on Facebook.

I started reading about all my friends lives. I decided they were lying and just “Facebooking” half truths. There was no way that their children were clean, arrived to school on time, and their houses were clean. I then opened up my business email and began to work help desk tickets while checking my own businesses emails. It is amazing how efficient you become while waiting for software to load. I plowed through 45 minutes of work. Then I heard a knock on my door. I assumed it was the UPS delivery person since I receive packages all the time. It wasn’t.

It was an older man with missing teeth a white shirt, jeans with tears, and a brown woven belt. I just looked at him. I live on a hill you just do not happen upon my house. You do not just climb the hill because. I had no idea who this man was. I just stared. He asked me if I had any work for him. I had tons of work there was oatmeal all over the place. I couldn’t invite him into clean my house. I was upset but not crazy. We chatted as I grabbed my alarm button key ring. He told me he lost his job and he needed money. He said he was willing to do anything to earn money for his family. I felt the same way that day. I felt like I was willing to do anything for my family. I was staying home and working two jobs, so I understood. I made up a job wondering where I was going to get the money to pay this man. I never have cash. I asked him to look in the yard and pick up all the toys and any trash. I would pay him for the hour. I found out he needed $10. I turned off my cell phone and shut down my laptops and I began looking all over the house for money. I gave all of the money I had to my children for book orders and a field trip. I then remembered I had emergency money in the car. I went down in the garage and I took out the $20 I had.

The man came back to my door with in the  hour with a bag of toys and a bag of trash. I asked if he needed a drink or if I could make him lunch. He told me, “He needed to get home to his wife.” I asked. “Do you live around here.” He said, “In the County.” We chatted a little bit more. I then had the nerve to ask him,” Why did you just need $10.” What he said really changed my life. He said, ” I promised my wife when we got married I would love her to the day I died. I promised her I would do everything in my power to make sure I provided food for our children. I lost my job and I wasn’t able to do that today until I came to your house.” He went on to say the $10 would provide three meals for his family and tomorrow he would try to find a job. He just knew he had to do something to make sure he didn’t break “his promise.” I gave him the $20 I had his emergency was far greater than mine and I told him now he has an extra day to find a job. He thanked me and told me he had several job interviews.

I am still not sure who sent this man up my hill. I do know why. I was having a day of feeling sorry for myself. A day when oatmeal all over the place was a crisis. I was looking at what was wrong and not what was right. I was forgetting that work is a means to an end it isn’t what defines us. I forgot how special my kids were and only what it took to get them from place A to place B. I forgot that my husband was at work from 6:30 Am until 8:00 PM that night so that we could pay for our house, our children, and our future. I forgot about the promises I made a long time ago which was to do what it takes in my relationships with my husband and my children. I am sure my children’s teachers will tell you they are normally covered with food and their bags and homework are a mess. I decided on that day to enjoy my children and my family and not worry about how things look. I decided to do what it takes and to honor the promise I made to my husband and now my children. I decided that if he could walk up a hill to  a strangers house to ask for help so he could provide for his family. Then I could also do what it takes to provide for my family. I sat down with my husband that night and really told him how all of this felt to me and what changes we needed to make for me to be able to do more than survive. I believe that man came to my house so I that I would begin the conversation that would change the way things are done around here.

I do believe people come into your life to teach you a lesson. It is up to you to do something with that lesson. Ask yourself why did I name this post the Life Changing Love lesson?

January 16, 2014

Why I didn’t do my work

I really shouldn’t admit I didn’t do my work today. I was going to research an article on kids that feel entitled because of society. I had my schedule all organized. I went to bed late because I did my work for today last night I was on a roll and decided to keep going. That ended at 12:30 am. I thought I had it all planned out and then I went to bed. Sleep was short lived about an hour and half after I went to bed I was woken up by someone who climbed on top of me in bed in tears. It was a monster invasion and I was now facing a child invasion.  I did what you should do I let him in and was overwhelmed with pokes to the ribs, arms over my face, and knees in my back but I am a mom and what is one night sleep?

I awoke to see snow I knew that meant a delay or no school at all. The thought of either options were both overwhelming and troublesome. I had work to do and I needed to go workout. I decided this year I was taking an hour a day for myself. I need it and I deserve and I was going to figure this out. I had kids to feed, clean, keep alive, and rooms to return to their normal state. I dropped two off at school. One was upset over forgetting his lunch. The one child that was left informed me my cell phone was in the bathroom where he left it. I had to run home and then run him to dance class. I had a friend meet me for a quick 27 minute walk. Then I picked up my youngest from dance. We ran home so I could check on my business and watch a photography class while I worked. I couldn’t work because my son was hungry not once but three different times he asked for more food. I had a friend visit quickly to grab her freezer meals.

Then it was nap time. I read him a story. I had to watch him sleep which resulted in me falling asleep holding his had. I woke up 35 minutes later wondering how I fell asleep but grateful there was still a little hand in my palm. I ran downstairs and I made myself lunch and I got to work. I had an hour to get things done. I starting writing again and then had a friend ask for help. I did that instead.

I had homework to help with. The playroom to get cleaned, dishwasher to empty, and dinner to cook. We did all that then we watched a renovation show and told jokes. The jokes didn’t make any sense but listening to my children giggle was awesome. I put them all to bed and sat down to work on my post. I responded to all my emails. Then I received a request to find a missing child and I did that instead. The purpose of my post is sometimes life is more important than work. You need to embrace your path and take a moment to focus on what is important. The time you have with your family and friends can not be replaced. This site has 17,000+ posts. I am sure the one I was supposed to write isn’t as important as the knock knock jokes I learn. Life is about love, laughter, and forever after!


December 17, 2013

I Love You Because


    I Love you Because

In our fast paced world we often forget to let the people we love know how much they mean. We remember when someone is sick or has a special event. The rest of the days pass without much mention of love. We think they already “know” how we feel. They must we put in hours of hard work. We rearrange our schedules. We haven’t really slept in years because we are thinking about or taking care of those that we love. We are forgetting one important step and necessity in our ability to take care of others. We are forgetting to tell them why we love them.

We are forgetting to say more than I Love You. What does that really mean? Is it tangible? What is it about them that you love? In our home the little I love you because game started with a simple question. Why? Why do you love me? It stopped me in my tracks. All these years I thought they knew. I cuddle every morning and kiss them so often I have to wear stay put lipstick or they would look bruised. I make their breakfast, shower them, dress them, sing to them, smile at them, and tell them that I love them. I did however leave out the why. I no longer do that. I tell my children the “because”. I love you because you use your kind heart. I love you because you help others. I love you because you always giggle when you tell a joke. I love you because your hugs are amazing. I love you because you are a good son or daughter. I love you because you try your best and do not give up. I love you because you make choices that help you to grow and learn about others. I love you because you smile at everyone. I love you because you always ask the strangers I talk to their name. I love you because you are always laughing and singing. I love you because you are the children I hoped for and you are more incredible than I could have ever imagined. I love you because you are you.

I thought my I love you because worked so well with my children that I applied what I learned to my relationship with my husband. I try every couple of days to text my husband something nice. I am trying to be purposeful in my declarations. I am trying to give more feedback because I love them for a million reasons and I have my lifetime to tell them all about it.

This is one of the greatest lesson I learned last year what was yours?