August 25, 2010

Canning Peaches

Last week I canned peaches as I do every summer. If you have ever wanted to try canning, I wrote a guest post over at A Few Shortcuts on the process. Sliced peaches freeze well too! This is the perfect time of year to preserve fresh peaches for the winter months.

Here are the Steps for Canning Peaches:

1. Firm but ripe peaches are perfect for canning. Here’s a tip, Cling Free peaches are easier to can because the pit is easy to remove.

2. Wash the peaches properly and place them in boiling water for 30-45 seconds to loosen up the skin. After that place in ice cold water. This step makes it easier for the skin to peel away from the flesh of the peach. If the skin is difficult to remove, just place the peach back into the boiling water.

3. Next is to cut the peaches into slices. Then place everything in a large boil. Sprinkle with Fruit Fresh or lemon juice as you go. This method is important because it will keep the peaches from turning brown.

4. Prepare your jars.  Make sure your jars are sterilizing and the water bath is heating up. You can place the clean jars right in the water canner as it heats. The jars will sterilize while the water heats to boiling.

5. Once your peaches are ready, it’s time to make syrup to pack them in. For a  light syrup, heat 6 cups of water on the stove and slowly add in 2 cups of sugar. Heat just to a slight boil and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Place peaches in the simmering syrup and heat for 5 minutes.

6. Pack peaches into hot jars. Pour hot syrup over peaches to fill jar leaving a ¼ inch head room. Place lid on jars.

7. Process pint jars for 20 minutes in boiling water bath.

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