November 6, 2013

Why Buy Inserts?

Have you seen the deals for Insert Insanity and wondered Why Buy Inserts?

Why Buy Inserts, especially if you already get them?!


Insert Insanity and their sister site Wiz Clipz are stationed in Florida.  They always get higher value and more coupons than I do locally.  Here is an example from a recent HOT coupon weekend.  You can still get these 10/13/13 HOT coupons and deals through Insert Insanity.

Red Plum 10/13/13 Wiz Clipz and Insert Insanity (Florida)  compared to the Red Plum 10/13/13 Local to the writer (Mississippi/ Louisiana papers) I am noting **beside the ones I got, any without a **notation means I did NOT get it at all! If there is another * notation on the line it is because my coupon was a lower value.

abreva $3/1 2g pump or tube (12/31/13)
*Advil $1/1 children’s product (1/11/14)
Advil $1/1 Congestion Relief, Allergy & Congestion Relief, Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus product (12/29/13)
*Advil $1/1 PM product (12/12/13)
*Advil $1/1 regular, film coated or migraine 20ct+ (12/12/13)
Advil $3/1 Congestion Relief, Allergy & Congestion Relief, Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus product (10/27/13)
Aquafresh $.50/1 toothpaste 6oz+ (11/24/13)
Aquafresh $1/1 Extreme Clean, Advanced or Sensitive toothpaste 5.6oz+ (11/24/13)
*Caltrate $2/1 product (12/15/13)
Caress $2/1 6 bar+ pack or body wash 12oz+ ets (11/10/13)
*Centrum $2/1 Flavor Burst multivitamin (11/30/13)
*Centrum $3/1 regular or Silver multivitamin 65ct+ or Specialist (11/30/13) *Local value was $3/2
*Cheer $2/1 ets (11/30/13)
*Dimetapp $1/1 children’s product (11/10/13)
Dove $3/2 go sleeveless, go fresh or ClearTone or 1 Clinical Protection excludes triial size, multipacks and M+C (11/10/13)
*Era $.50/1 25oz+ ets (11/30/13) *Local was $1/1
*Gain $1/1 detergent or fabric enhancer ets (11/30/13) * Local value was $.50/1
*Gain $2/2 detergent or fabric enhancer ets (11/30/13) *Local value was $1/2
Garnier Nutrisse $2/1 haircolor box (12/7/13)
*Gillette $1/1 female disposable ets (11/30/13)
*Gillette $1/1 male disposable ets (11/30/13)
*Gillette $3/2 female disposables ets (11/30/13)
*Gillette $3/2 male disposables ets (11/30/13)
Morton $1/2 25, 40, 50 or 60lb System Saver 2 pellets (2/28/14)
Nestle/Wonka $1/2 halloween candy fun size bags 9.2oz+ (10/31/13)
Starkist $1/2 tuna creations pouch products (12/8/13)
Starkist $1/4 tuna pouch products (12/8/13)
*Swiffer $1/1 Bissell Steamboost refill ets (11/30/13)
*Swiffer $5/1 Bissell Steamboost starter kit ets (10/27/13)
ThermaCare $1/1 cold wrap 1ct or heatwrap 2ct+ (1/12/14)
ThermaCare $3/1 cold wrap 1ct (10/20/13)
*Tide/Downy/Gain $.50/1 Tide PODS, Downy Unstopables or Gain Fireworks ets (11/30/13)
*Tide/Downy/Gain $1.50/2 Tide PODS, Downy Unstopables or Gain Fireworks ets (11/30/13)
Tums $1/1 Chewy Delights Very Cherry or Smooth Peppermint 32ct (12/1/13)
Tums $1/1 Freshers Cool Mint or Spearmint 50ct (12/1/13)

Local values were lower 3 out of 4 times the values were different.  The local paper only had 54% of the coupons in the Florida papers.  The local paper didn’t even have 16 of the coupons!!!! Why Buy Inserts?  Buy Inserts to get better coupons; coupons with higher values and more coupons are in these inserts!

If you are not to the point of wondering why buy inserts but still wonder why coupon? then you should read more Real Deals!  Ever wonder Why don’t the people who need to, coupon?  Save your money buying newspapers and don’t ask Why Buy Inserts?, just do it!

Buy Inserts to avoid chasing down newspapermen!!

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