July 11, 2014

Butterfly Room Redo Featuring Behr Paint!

Butterfly Room Redo Featuring Behr Paint!

*Disclosure: I was provided paint for this project from the wonderful people at Behr Paint, no other compensation was offered. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own ūüôā¬†



So guys, it’s official, I don’t have a baby anymore. A few weeks ago my 6 year old told me that her room was a “baby room” and she didn’t like her bright pink walls and Hello Kitty decals. She also told me her Yo Gabba Gabba poster was for babies. As I pretended like I wasn’t sad I told her we could redo her room in whatever style she wanted it in. She pointed to a butterfly on her wall and said, “Big girls like Purple Butterflies, so that is how I want my room!”. Purple Butterflies? I can handle that! I was worried I was going to have to figure out how to paint a giant Elsa on the wall, or turn her bed into a minecraft character ha!

So after picking a theme, my daughter and I ¬†headed to Home Depot to pick out her¬†Behr Paint Color!¬†I was so thrilled when¬†Behr¬†gave me the chance to work with them, because I knew that I was getting the best paint colors and coverage! We decided to go with the¬†Behr Marquee¬†line of paints which is Behr’s most advanced interior paint and primer ever. My daughter chose “Birthstone” which turned out to be SO beautiful. You can visit Homedepot.com to see the whole selection of colors¬†Behr¬†offers.

So are you ready to see how the room redo featuring Behr Paint went?



Well first off, the color is absolutely beautiful! The¬†Behr Paint¬†was super easy to use and covered in just 1 coat! My daughter had a great time helping me paint, and let her inner artist out. It took some convincing to let me paint over her “masterpiece” lol! It also dried really quickly and evenly! I highly recommend checking out Behr Paint¬†for any paint project around your house!

So let’s check out the finished Room Redo!



Tada! There you have it, my little girl now has her “big girl room”. Gone are the hello kitty decals, the pink walls, and her Christmas tree night light. Along with the beautiful new paint job from¬†Behr Paint¬†we also added a new bedset (which I found at Walmart for only $22!) some awesome wall decals from Design with a Z (keep an eye out for the review) and her new Katy Perry poster from her concert a few weeks ago! My daughter is absolutely thrilled with her new room and wanted to give a big Thank You shout out to¬†Behr Paint¬†for helping her new room dreams come true!

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