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Disclosure: I receive complimentary tickets to review Busch Gardens, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Busch Gardens VA

Busch Gardens VA

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This is me and my lovely three children. I recently went to Busch Gardens® in Williamsburg. I was surprised that it had so much to offer for my young children. We often go to theme parks and the rides aren’t meant for them. I find myself apologizing to the oldest or the younger children for the day out. I found Busch Gardens® VA to have activities that the family could do together and rides that my oldest and my younger children could enjoy together.


Busch Gardens®

I like that I was able to get the tickets for my younger children for free. They have this great preschool program where the kids get in for free with a valid birth certificate if they are 5 or younger. I was excited because now I only need to buy my older child’s pass and mine. I printed our pass online and then I showed them to the gate attendant and she checked us in. I did have to go to the ticket counter to confirm birth certificates for the younger ones. We got into the park and it was very clean.

This is serious we have so many choices
This is serious we have so many choices

I liked the different feel of the countries. I also liked that I could travel by foot, train, or by the sky to get to the location of my desire. we spent most of our day on foot. We couldn’t help but take advantage of the water features. It was 90 degrees! We loved that the lines were short and action packed. I have never heard my kids laugh so hard. They were really having a great time.

Busch Gardens®

We went to the all you can eat pizza buffet which was a hit for everyone. I can say that I would do that again. I would also buy a refill cup. It is well worth the investment and the cup is great to keep. I liked that you could link your credit card to your wristband and that the food choices were plentiful and reasonably priced.

Busch Gardens®

I am not sure how we did it but we closed the park down. That means we didn’t want to leave until they closed. The kids found so many new things to try. I was really pleased with our day. I would consider going again this season because it really was something my children will talk about for the rest of the summer.

Busch Gardens®

Bring everyone to Busch Gardens® VA as you can tell it is a place for all generations!

Busch Gardens® VA

Busch Gardens® Williamsburg offers adventures for the entire family. Attractions at the European-themed park range from world-class coasters to scenic river cruises.

Some of the exciting rides and roller coasters at Busch Gardens® VA are the Alpengiest® which sends riders 195 feet in the air hurling through six staggering inversions at speeds up to 67 mph. The Apollo’s Chariot® takes guests on a pulse-quickening journey, plummeting passengers a total of 825 feet over nine camelback humps. They also have the legendary Loch Ness Monster®, a double-looping serpentine roller coaster. Reaching 13 stories in height, this creature offers a spine-tingling ride at speeds approaching 60 mph. The tallest ride at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg, Mäch Tower® features state-of-the-art special effects including enhanced audio and other surprises. Mäch Tower®, along with a Bavarian-style pretzel bakery, games area and performance spaces are part of the fresh new look of the park’s new Oktoberfest village. They also have Curse of DarKastle which takes riders through a pulse-pounding adventure featuring 3-D visuals and special effects that pushes the envelope of theme park technology. Dizzying simulated drops, fog, shattering ice and pyrotechnic displays generates a multi-sensory experience unlike anything else.

london rocks

Busch Gardens® continues its tradition of creating world-class entertainment with the 2014 premiere of their newest show, London Rocks™. Exploring the powerful role that music plays in people’s lives, this journey through British rock n’ roll’s roots features a set-list of chart-topping hits. London Rocks premieres May 23.

Other exciting shows that you shouldn’t miss at Busch Gardens® are Celtic Fyre, Entwined: Tales of Good and Grimm, Mix it Up!, More … Pet Shenanigans, The Secret Life of Predators, Glory at the Gardens, Sunny Days Celebration, This is Oktoberfest and Busch Gardens Live Concert Series.

Food lovers make sure not to miss out on the culinary delights at Busch Gardens® Food & Wine Festival. You can enjoy authentic tastes from around the world. They offer wide variety of dishes and wines not normally served at the park.

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