March 23, 2013

Build-A-Bear Party Review!

Recently, the great people at Build-A-Bear gave me the chance to review a super fun Build-A-Bear Party! I let my 4 year old pick out the guest list, and we ended up with 6 awesome kids age 3-7!  They had an absolute blast! Our Party Host Jen, was awesome and really knew how to keeps the kids engaged and having fun.  The whole process was easy, priced well, and most of all FUN!

Scheduling a Build-A-Bear Party is So easy!

I love how easy is was to set up my party! My favorite tool from Build-A-Bear was the Party Calculator! You just include how many guests will be at your party, and how much you would like to spend on each guests (You can have a Build-A-Bear Party for as little as $10 a guest! )The Party Calculator breaks their options down into price points, and lets you know what is included in each price point. And no matter which one  you chose, each one of your party guests will be going home with the ultimate party favor, their very own Build-A-Bear! You can also book your party,confirm it, and change it if needed right on the website! They also have you covered for Invitations and Thank you cards with their printable options for each.

Check out all the fun we had at our Build-A-Bear Party:

First things first, all of our party guests got to pick out the Build-A-Bear of their choice! We had 3 boys, and 3 girls who all found something they loved! The kids loved that they got to run around and pick out whatever Build-A-Bear they wanted! Our party host, Jen told the kids they could be as loud as they wanted, which to a group of kids, is one of their favorite things to hear haha!

After all the kids had picked out the Build-A-Bear of their choice, it was time to line and up and become the Build-A-Bear Party Train! The “train” was a great way for the kids to make noise and have fun, and it was a great way for us parents to keep all the kids together and on the same page. The kids got to show off by making their best train sounds while “chugging” around the whole store to each station while making their Build-A-Bear!

Our next stop was over to the “special corner”  where each party guest got to choose a Heart for their Build-A-Bear and making the “Build-A-Bear Pledge” where the promised to love their Build-A-Bear and make a special wish! The kids loved this part, and had a great time learning the pledge, and putting their Build-A-Bears heart in. This was also a chance for our Party host Jen to play some fun games with the kids like Simon Says!

After all of the kids Build-A-Bears had their Hearts, it was Stuffing time! This has always been Jaidens (my little one up there) favorite part! The kids actually help with this part by stepping on a peddle that activates the stuffing machine! At this station, they also are offering a brand new addition, a scent pack for your bear! All the kids LOVED this and had to have them, the scent packs can be put in the paw, foot, or belly of any bear and smell really great! Jaiden chose Strawberry for hear Build-A-Bear and it smells so good, and not to strong either!

After all our Build-A-Bears were stuffed and cuddly it was time for a “Bath” All the kids gathered around the Build-A-Bear bath tub and gave their brand new bears a bath! The Build-A-Bear party was going great by this time, and all the kids were having so much fun. The store was getting quite busy (We visited the Opry Mills location, which is always a busy mall) so I’m glad that we chose to have an early party that started right when the store opened at 10 am.

After each Build-A-Bear was stuffed and cleaned, it was time for naming! Depending on how old your kids are, you might have to help them this this step, as you will be keying in your child’s information, and their new furry friends name! The kids loved how whenever they where done naming their bear, they would see their bear come up on the big screen for the whole store to see!

The next step of our Build-A-Bear Party was a crowd favorite, picking out outfits for their bears! we had princess bears, a Hello Kitty, a Darth Vader Monkey, a panda, and a Harley dog! Build-A-Bear has these cute little dressing stations where you can dress you bears right in the store!


Our completed Bears! All looking fantastic in their new outfits, and smelling fantastic with their new scents!  After all the bears were dressed up, they were styled with bows, and bow ties and boxed up in their special cardboard condos!

How cute are those? Jaiden has 4 of these at home that she tucks her Build-A-Bears in at night time, and she has colored them to make them her own!

Another special treat for for the “Guest of Honor” at your Build-A-Bear Party is the Autograph Bear (on left) it comes with a pen so all your party guest can sign the bear for your child to keep as a great memory of their Build-A-Bear Party!

In closing, we had a wonderful time at our Build-A-Bear Party and think this would be a great choice for any parent that is looking to do something different  for your child’s next party!




*A special thank you to the awesome people at Build-A-Bear for allowing me to have this party and share it with you guys!! I was not compensated for this review, but did receive the party free of charge, all thoughts and opinions are my own! 



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