May 28, 2014

What to Bring to a Color Run + Free Printable

What to Bring to a Color Run

what to bring to a color run

There is a new trend and it involves running and getting splashed with colors. The colors are made from 100% corn starch. The color runs are usually a 5k and they are tons of fun. I believe that having these items on hand will make your life easier. I also think being prepared is half the battle. I know having a checklist will make my next race easy to get prepared for. These are my color run tips. I believe that following these will make sure your day is awesome and filled with rainbows of corn starch happiness.

What to bring to a color run

 color-run-printableClick here to download your Color Run FREE printable!

1. Wear white clothes this will help you show off your colorful self.
2. Olive oil for your hair this will help the color stay on the surface.
3. Sunglasses if they are not provided
4. Plastic bag or phone holder if you are bringing one
5. Towels to pat yourself off and place on your car seat
6. Plastic bag for your sneakers
7. Flip flops to slip on
8. Plastic bag for your painted clothes if you intend to change
9. Change of clothes
10. Sunscreen
11. Lip balm with sunscreen
12. Bug spray depending on the time of the race
13. Baby wipes to wipe off after the race
14. Safety pins just in case
15. Water for before the race. Water was provided during the race and after the race
bean bands16. Bandana to cover your hair if you wish to keep as much color out as possible. If you don’t want to use bandana, you can get fun Color Run bands, I got mine from They have non-slip headbands that you can customize with name, team name or jersey numbers.
17. Bucket to put everything in the car if you want to make sure the paint stays
18. Put deodorant
19. Money if you want to buy something
20. Id because you should always have one


color run cleaning tips

If you need to know how to get clean after a color run with these color run cleaning tips 

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