April 25, 2012

The Breast Debate

   Boobs. They come in all shapes and sizes. I am sure yours looked different then they did when you were 16 I always recommend getting abra fitting in my article What’s holding up your girls . It can really change your life. I know that getting a bra fitting may in fact seem scary but it is actually quite beneficial. I also say spend money on a good bra. It makes a huge difference to your overall look. I mean I hate seeing bumps and lumps under clothes. I also suggest getting a convertible bra so we do not have to anyone straps.
  I know that sometime even a bra will not make your breast look good to you. I know so many woman who have breast that go east and west and some go plain south. I know that some of us breast fed and the baby must have consumed more than the milk and we need a little help. I am a deal blogger so I have been know to look for a deal on everything including boobs. I found this cool site that give you the breast deals around okay I mean the price of breast implants today.
  I recently did a little experiment and I found out something very interesting about my husband’s take on my breast. In my article 7 Days of Sin.
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