December 2, 2013

Bop It! Tetris Game Review

bop it tetris

Growing up, I was hooked on Tetris. I mean hours on end, lose track of time, late for school hooked! When my son was old enough, I passed my love of Tetris on to him. Then Bop It! came out and it was love at first play. My son and I spent hours playing Bop It! So when I found out that there was now a Bop It! Tetris Game, I was excited beyond belief and I had to run out and buy it.

There is no assembly required so you can play it pretty much straight out of the box. The shapes appear on the screen and you have to slam them into place. As you get through the levels you increase your points. You just slide, spin and slam the shapes into their place. It is a challenge to match the blocks on one screen to the open space on the other screen. You can move the blocks back and forth or rotate them to make a perfect match before time runs out. There are 2 game modes and 4 levels and also Bonus and Challenge rounds.

Hasbro’s Bop It! Tetris is fun to play alone or with a group of friends. In Marathon, you have to stay alive and beat each level by yourself. Pass It is perfect for hanging out with friends. Everyone takes turns slamming the shapes until the game tells you to pass it to the next player. Levels get faster and harder. This electronic game challenges you to complete the puzzles, and even though the puzzles can be pretty hard,the game is still easy to play.

This game is addictive! Be prepared to lose track of time or be late for something, I am telling you it is that good! My son and I both love this game and it allows us to spend quality time together doing something that we both enjoy.

Bop It! Tetris Game, Approx. Retail: $24.99


  • Challenging, addictive, and always a fresh, fun experience
  • Pass It mode is perfect for a party
  • You never know what’s coming next
  • The game starts off easy and gets more challenging
  • Ages 8+
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