Bee Friendly with Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Bee Friendly with PRI Manuka Honey and more!

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Summer is almost here and I can’t wait to enjoy the warm weather. I’m sure most of you are already excited to go on vacation, make sure to prepare for it by having some healthy “Travel Treats” and body care products for the whole family. PRI has a whole selection of healthy, nutritious and satisfying Manuka Honey snacks, wellness and beauty products from New Zealand. Manuka Honey Caramels and Proper Crisps are a must have in my travel snacks list because my kids love it so much. Also a must have for us during this warm weather is the Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil because it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is a non-allergenic.

New Zealand is an environmentally protected and GMO Free region. That’s why their Manuka honey is the gold standard for honey and is produced exclusively in New Zealand from bees and flowers that are environmentally protected. No artificial flavors, colors, no corn syrup or refined sugars and NO preservatives.

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The secret to a great treat is trying something new that is made with quality ingredients. The Pacific Resources International company brings the best products to their consumer at affordable prices. I am a “home” cook with gourmet taste buds. I was so impressed by the products that sent me that I set out to make an easy to follow recipe that tasted amazing. I used their Manuka Honey in my chicken recipe it is divine. Did you know that Manuka Honey is directly from New Zealand and it is verified by the UMFHA and it retains the benefits of raw honey? It is also certified kosher. I also used some of the flaky sea salt from New Zealand. It was very flavorful. PRI products are truly amazing and makes the perfect ingredients that will turn your recipes into gourmet quality because of these gourmet seasonings from down under.

Just mix manuka honey, soy sauce, white wine vinegar, chili flakes , flaky sea salt and some flour.
Then pour or baste it on chicken.
That’s it!
Easy and so delicious!

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7 Ways of Staying Healthy

Savesta Men's Health

Savesta Review

June is Men’s Health Month and this month we want to remind everyone about the importance of taking care of the overall health of the special men in our lives. Savesta has products that will help improve men’s health and we’re giving away one set to one of you in our giveaway below.

June 18 is Father’s day and if you want to get some last minute Father’s day gift then Savesta has an incredible offer and give away contest focusing specifically on men’s health this month!

Here’s an awesome offer for all our readers! For a limited time only, you can get ONE free bottle of Boswellia Plus, Ashwagandha, or Organic Garcinia (just pay S&H). You can order through the Savesta website through June 30 using these codes:

Boswellia Plus: BPFree
Ashwagandha: FREEAsh
Organic Garcinia: ORGFree

Keep in mind, Savesta products are Soy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Non-GMO. Not only are they produced in the USA, but Savesta is environmentally conscious as well harvesting their herbs in such a way that preserves these plants in their natural habitat. Personally, it gives me peace knowing these natural supplements are manufactured without manmade toxic chemicals or solvents. Only pure water and alcohol are used in creating their extracts.

The following is an explanation for this awesome 6-pack of supplements from Savesta:

• Also known as Indian Ginseng, Ashwagandha has been used for centuries. Savesta Ashwagandha helps to manage normal daily stress, promotes relaxation and a more restful sleep and helps boost the immune system.

• Boswellia Plus’s proprietary blend is a high potency supplement that supports the body’s natural ability to recover. Our product is produced from sustainable sources and is laboratory tested for potency and purity.

• Garcinia Cambogia has been used for centuries to support a balanced appetite. Made from USDA organic Garcinia Cambogia extract powder, Savesta Organic Garcinia helps maintain healthy weight management.
• A superior antioxidant, Savesta Organic Moringa contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C, and E and helps boost energy and stamina.

• SeeWell™- Savesta’s premier formula with Astaxanthin and Lutein provides clinically proven levels of key nutrients for visual health and performance.

• Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris) is used in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition as a Rasayana, a dietary supplement or practice promoting rejuvenation, mental and physical health, as well as providing a defense against aging and challenging environmental factors. Tribulus is traditionally regarded as a sexual rejuvenator, an alleviator of general fatigue, and promotes healthy urinary tract function.

7 ways of staying healthy

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vivaNUTRITION® Review

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of vivaNUTRITION® but all opinions are mine.

vivaNUTRITION® Review

Snack Time Can Be Healthy and Tasty

Kids and snack time go together like blueberry and chia? You bet they do! vivaNUTRITION® has got snack time covered with bars that make kids happy and Moms too. vivaNUTRITION® Super Fiber Chia Bars are made from 100% natural ingredients and contain both chia and oats. They have also partnered with Healthy-Finds and we couldn’t be happier to tell you about it!

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Gel Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Comforpedic Mattress

ComforPedic Loft from Beautyrest 1″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Grab this awesome deal now on ComforPedic Loft 1″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper! This mattress topper reduces tossing and turning by relieving pressure points. Gel-infused open-cell memory foam enhances your mattress by adding conforming support, and it channels away heat to keep you comfortable. Made in the USA. Continue reading

Superior Source Vitamins Stay Active Stay Healthy

Superior Source Vitamins Stay Active Stay Healthy

This June is Men’s National Health Month. Being the head of the family, men should make sure to take extra precautions when it comes to taking care of their body. They need that extra energy to be able to work, take care of their family and also have time for themselves. Aside from having a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to boost your immunity by taking some vitamins. Superior Source has a list of vitamins and supplements that specifically targets men’s needs.

Start giving some time for yourself. Being healthy is a combination of getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising daily (here’s a printable daily fitness goal), relaxing and taking some vitamins and supplements to boost your body’s defenses.

Superior Source Vitamins

Superior Source Vitamins has many great vitamins to choose from for supplementation! Being healthy inside is just as important as outside, and a great way to get the inside of our bodies healthy is to give it good vitamins to promote energy, heart health, bone health, etc.

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June 15, 2017

$50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome to our $50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Giveaway!


Do you love steak? Well, together with my blogger friends we want to treat you to a sumptuous meal at one of our favorite restaurant, the Outback Steakhouse! Known for their juicy, tender and flavorful steaks, Outback Steakhouse also serves a lot of other great dishes including their famous Bloomin’ Onion. It’s the perfect restaurant for the whole family. So here’s the awesome news, because we’re giving away a $50 Outback Steakhouse e-Gift Card to one lucky reader.

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