March 2, 2012

Blogger Tip 1: Questions to ask prior to selecting a Roomate

I want to say this is written in jest. These are random thoughts that ran through my mind.  They are not all actual events. I had wonderful women that I have had the pleasure to room with but I will have some better interview questions next time.

1) What time zone do you go to bed in and what time zone do you wake up in?

2) What is your method of perfume application? Discreet or arrive before you do?

3) How many extra drink tickets should you be allowed?

4) Should I  trust you to keep a room key?

5) How many bags of shoes do you intend to bring?

6) Do you know where the towel rack is?

7) Do you steal covers?

8) Do you snore?

9) Do you have 60 lb of swag after one day at the conference?

10) Do you bring every office supply tool and take over every flat surface in the room?

11) Are you cranky if you do not get sleep?

12) Do you sing in the shower?

13) Do you jump on the beds?

14) Do you tell people if they have food in their teeth?

15) Do you know tipping is not a city in China?

16) Do you know how to get back to the room without phoning a friend?

17) Do you know why the light on the phone blinks?

18) Do you blog at all hours?

19) Do you eat the food on your plate only or do you feel the need to taste mine?

20) Do you believe in brushing your teeth and taking a shower daily?

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