October 10, 2016

How to throw a little girl’s birthday party you can be proud of!

Birthday Party Ideas for Young Girls

Birthday Party Ideas for Young Girls

She used to be tiny. She used to want me to do everything for her. Then my daughter broke my heart.
She used to climb on my lap as easily as she now climbs a tree. Her arms would encase me, and she would pull herself in so tight that my breath became hers. She would give me a kiss and then jump off as quickly as she climbed. Her limbs would become tangled as she descended she would hardly notice as she moved toward her next target. She came to me and made a request, and I was going to find the solution.

She wanted a party. She wanted a party that was all about her. I sat down with her, a notebook in my hand and a heaviness on my heart as I realized another year had passed. We talked about who to invite. Then we looked at the calendar to determine when to hold the party. We searched for locations as she determined what we would do at the party.

Lucky for me she wanted to do all the things I loved. It was at that moment that I realized we aren’t all that different and that she wanted to be like me.

kids birthday party

She chose her theme, and the theme was to create. She wanted her friends to leave the party with things that they made. She wanted them to paint, and decorate, make jewelry, and make hair bows and that is what we were going to do. The party would last two hours, and we would offer snacks and dessert. These are the activities we chose and the items we needed.

Note I linked them to Amazon in case you are busy you can shop online like I do all the time.

Jewelry station
Bead boards
Jewelry Wire
Jewelry station
bead tool kit
Cupcake decorating station
food coloring
paint brush
paint pallet

Note: for our gluten free friend we made a rice krispie treat to decorate

Painting party for kids

Painting party for kids

Paint Pallets

Party ideas for girls

Hair Bows
Head bands
hot glue gun
glue sticks

Fun girl's party

Then we did really easy fruit snacks and some gluten free candy.

florist foam to secure it in the vase

How to throw a little girl's birthday party you can be proud of!

Other items we bought
table cloths
birthday signs
picture background
Picture props
paper towels
trash bags
sd card
extra battery
iPad for music

girl birthday party theme ideas

The perfect party is one that celebrates the birthday girl or boy. We had a great time allowing the children to dream, decorate, and create.

cupcake for kids party

Fun girl party ideas

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