June 29, 2017

Best STEM Kits for Summer

School. Is. Out. For. Summer.

Those four words can be some of the scariest words for many parents. After a day or two, this usually means hearing “I’m bored” on an endless loop for three months. This isn’t the case at our house. STEM kits and toys are the perfect way to keep your kids engaged and entertained for hours on end during the summer. This is where the Thames and Kosmos STEM sets come in.

Keep kids busy this summer with toys that will fight boredom but at the same time help enhance their skills. Check out STEM kits.


What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

What do STEM toys and kits do?

STEM toys and kits are perfect for those hands on learners. It allows them to engineer things using their science, mathematics, and technology knowledge. Not only do they use their current knowledge, but they are also able to expand on their current skills and learn more.

STEM toys and kits are great because they have so many uses. It isn’t like many other kits or toys where after a few uses they toy gets set aside and not touched again. There are so many different ways to explore and learn with STEM toys and kits that they can be used and reused several different times and ways. Each time something different will come of it. Even if they think they have exhausted all the possibilities there is still more to do.

The many different possibilities is what will keep your kids engaged through the summer but, they will still feel like they are having fun.

Where can I find STEM toys and kits?

STEM toys and kits are pretty easy to find these days. You can find them almost anywhere.

Thames and Kosmos have several types of STEM kits. A few examples of what they have are: Kids First Physics Lab, Master Detective Toolkit, and Physics: Simple Machines. Some kits even offer the opportunity to work with Nanotechnology.

Keep the kids entertained this summer with toys that will fight boredom but at the same time help enhance their skills. Check out STEM kits.

The Aircraft Engineer kit is a perfect example of the kits they offer. Inside this kit you will find a total of 71 pieces. These 71 pieces allow your kids to assemble several different types of aircrafts that are needed to travel through the colorful illustrated story book that is also included.

Keep the kids entertained this summer with toys that will fight boredom but at the same time help enhance their skills. Check out STEM kits.

My kids are too young for STEM kits and toys.

If your child can build with blocks, your child can use STEM kits and toys. With your help they can follow directions or, let them be creative and see what they come up with on their own. When left to their own imagination, they will dream up some pretty awesome things.

Kids STEM Kits for Summer

Kids First Aircraft Engineer Kit

IQ BUILDER | STEM Learning Toys | Creative Construction Engineering | Fun Educational Building Blocks Toy Set for Boys and Girls

Engino Discovering STEM Mechanics Cams & Cranks Construction Kit

Kids First Intro to Engineering Kit

Chibitronics – Chibi Lights – LED Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit

Tenergy Odev Geo STEM Toy DIY 2-in-1 Salt Water/Solar Powered Robot Car Kit for Kids

Magical Microbes MudWatt STEM Kit: Clean Energy from Mud!

Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up

Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

ROCK ON! Geology Game with Rock & Mineral Collection – Collect and Learn with STEM-based Educational Science Kit in Carrying Case

With STEM kits and toys your options are almost limitless.

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