March 14, 2016

Not Just Your Man’s Razor Blade Anymore

OK ladies, let’s get real here for a few minutes. How many of us shave with our man’s razor blade? Yep, I thought so! I have for years, and now that the new and improved Schick Hydro® 5 Razor is out? Trust me when I tell you that it’s not just your man’s razor blade anymore!

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Razor is not just your man's razor blade

Schick Hydro® 5 is Not Just Your Man’s Razor Blade Anymore

I’ve used mostly “men’s shaving blades and razors” since I found out that the typical man’s razor blade had more blades, a wider blade, and tended to handle curves better. That makes sense, since they are being used on the face which has different angles and places to reach!

So once I got married, I started purchasing my husband’s razor of choice in duplicate, so I could use one for myself! Whether I have a doctor’s appointment or a date night or because it’s Friday, I demand a close, smooth shave every time. And no woman has time for those annoying little red bumps, nicks or cuts that we can get around our ankles and the back of the knee!

Best blades for shaving

Schick Hydro® Razors are the best blades for shaving

There are lots of types of razors but the Schick Hydro® 5 has just come out with their latest version, and I love it. Remember those little “gel strips” around the razor blades that were all the rage? Those are gone, and replaced with a hydrating gel reservoir instead!

Schick Hydro® Razors

Improved Glide – 80% more lubricant surface area for gel extrusion with new recessed micro-slits
Improved Safety – Reduced blade spans minimize skin bulge between blades. Hydro gel now moisturizes your skin for up to 2 hours after your shave
Improved Comfort – Hydrating gel reservoir reduces friction by 40% vs. lube strips. New larger guard bar design for increased skin stretch
Designed like no other razor to protect from irritation
For ultimate protection, use with Edge® Shave Gel

Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Razor & Refill

Good shaving razors are a must have and for me I like the Schick Hydro® 5 Sensitive Razor the best, because the aloe and shave gels help the blades glide over my skin and not tear it up like some of those two or three blade razors can. But they also offer the original Schick Hydro® 5 Razor as well as refill cartridges and the Edge Shave Gel products to help you get the best shave possible.

Get Schick Hydro 5 now at Meijer

Schick Hydro® 5 Razor is available at your local Meijer!

Get Schick Hydro® Razors at Meijer

Whether you already use the Schick Hydro® 5 Razor or you’re looking for a better shave routine, you can’t go wrong with the improved version, especially with the awesome gel reservoirs and 5 blade system. Learn more about the Schick Hydro® 5 product line and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the latest news and information!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HYDRO. The opinions and text are all mine.

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