How to Choose the Best Mascara

What is the best mascara

What is the best mascara? That is a question I ask myself all the time. I ask myself that all the time because I always look tired. I need to have beautiful lashes since my real ones aren’t nice. I am still using Rapid Lash that I reviewed in my Rapid Lash Review Post.  It works but I wanted instant results because I can’t say to people my lashes will look incredible just wait. I need them to look good now. In my makeup toolkit, I always start with skin care. Then I put on my sunscreen. We all know I put on my red lipstick. You can see which red lipstick is the best in the best red lipstick post I wrote. I am an expert on red lipstick . Then after my lipstick, I put on mascara. I have different moods, so my mascara has to match. I have the I want long lashes and a want bad bottom volume intense lashes. 

what is the best mascara

What is the best Mascara?

These are the mascaras I tested in the video below. I want to find the best waterproof mascara.  If you also love beauty products I suggest joining Ipsy for $10 a month you get several products and then you can find what you like. I love getting this box and I trade what I do not like with my friends or I keep them for my daughter for gifts.  You can join Ipsy <—— (click there )using my affiliate link that way I will earn a little so I can share what I buy.

Buxom– Infused with glossy, patent leather pigments, vitamins, and antioxidants, for fierce, flexible, fanned-out lashes. This mascara was an even coat and it made my lashes look longer. It isn’t waterproof but I would consider it because of the coverage and lash extension.

Clinique high impact black-  This is isn’t waterproof. We liked it but it wasn’t waterproof, and I need that.

Cover Girl- Bombshell- Not water resistant but I love how it makes my lashes look!

Cover Girl- Lash Blast Fusion – Black it is water resistant

Cover Girl- Lash Blast Volume-    <— (Buy it here) Water Proof (We liked this one) This is one of the best waterproof mascara I have found so far.

Elf- Regular and waterproof in one wand. I loved this for $1 at the drugstore and guess what it lasted at the pool! ***

L’Oreal miss manga voluminous This one worked with a lot of coats it wouldn’t be my first choice but it did work! It makes your lashes long and thicker and other people adore it. I may have to try it again soon.

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly– This is a keeper it lasted through the pool and after I figured out the brush it made my lashes look great. **

L’Oreal Voluminous Superstar Xfiber –

I loved how this went on it. It wasn’t clumpy. I can say my lashes looked longer. I tear so it didn’t hold up to my eyes. I would choose this one if you weren’t a crier.

Maybelline colossal big shot waterproof mascara I love big and bold eye. I mean why wear mascara if people do not notice your lashes. I love this mascara. It stays on and draw people in!

Maybelline- Mega Plush Volume Express–  <— (Buy it here) This is waterproof, and we thought it looked great and stayed in place. I love the word. This is a favorite for sure!

Maybeline great length – This is my everyday. I love how easy it is to apply. It gives you a natural lash look and the waterproof version is a keeper.

Maybelline Falsie- I love this, but it flakes and then you have the sad clown look. I can’t get it to stay put so I wouldn’t suggest it.

Mac Zoom– I loved this, but it wasn’t waterproof (Real Advice Gal Approved if waterproof isn’t necessary for you)

Mac- Upwards I love this mascara, but it also isn’t waterproof. I know it does stay in place and works amazingly well. (This is my daily mascara, but I wish it were waterproof Real Advice Gal daily mascara)

Physicians Formula Doll Lash– For the price it is worth it make sure to apply the mascara then fibers and then the mascara again and then repeat for thick doll lashes. **

Revlon – Super Length – waterproof it was okay, but we liked the wet and wild mega length better

Revlon- Ultra Volume waterproof. It is a great everyday mascara, and it stays in place.  (Real Advice Gal Approved)

Revlon volume length magnified waterproof– It was okay still loving the wet and wild over this one.

Tarte Maneater– I loved this mascara the only downside was the price and that it wasn’t waterproof. The picture above shows that it provides a nice coverage in a deep black.

Wet n Wild – Mega Length Waterproof– (Real Advice Gal approved) I love this for long lashes. It is in my beach bag and my car for when I forget my mascara or want a fresh look not sassy.

Wet n Wild waterproof mascara- mega plump this is also waterproof, but I wasn’t majorly excited by it.
This is my favorite makeup mirror

These are my live video tests of these mascaras

How to Choose the Best Mascara