September 10, 2016

Why Taking A Weekend to Yourself Can Save the Best Part of You

Best Ladies Weekend Getaways

This post is about how to fill the hole created when you take care of everyone else all the time.

Motherhood is like gum stuck on a shoe. Sometimes I never want to let them go, and sometimes I do not want to claim ownership. I have struggled for years with “Do I give them enough?” to the point where I felt like I gave them my all.

I just want to be me so I looked for the best ladies weekend getaways each year.

I receive an opportunity for a girl’s weekend in conjunction with a work event, and I was finally going to RSVP “Yes”.

In the span of the last twelve years, my life has morphed into theirs. My oldest was born and fours years later his sister and then less than two years later surprise, they are getting a brother.

I needed something special, so I chose me.

Amee Cantagallo Lisa Niver


I chose meals like these at Grapevine Texas restaurants 


                 I chose shopping at places like this.

Grapevine Texas

I chose a hotel like this.

Courtyard Marriot

I chose a hotel room alone without shoes to trip over and fights to settle over who sleeps where.


I chose some of the finest wines in Texas to try.


I chose the chance to meet new people and learn from and about them.


I chose to not only look at art but to create art.

I chose to love what I do and do what I love by attending the Travel Media Showcase in Grapevine, Texas.

I chose to leave my babies behind in the more than capable hands of my husband and my mother, and I chose to build my dream. They are growing and changing so fast. They are no longer looking to me to help them with each and everything. They are now looking at me as their example.

I want to show that what it means to take care of yourself, to pursue your passion, and the joy of meeting new friends and forging deeper relationships with the ones you have. I want to teach my children that each experience you have in life makes you a better teacher.

This is my journey to finding myself in Grapevine, Texas:

I recently flew into Dallas, Texas. Well, the plane got me there, with all the shoes I brought I would have gotten two inches off the ground on my accord unless there was a spider than I could have gain more height. My inability to retain flight would have resulted in a beautiful face plant with my suitcase hitting me in the head. I do think my attempt at flying would be better than the service I receive on some commercial airlines.

Getting on to the flight is always a battle, though, I am always called out of the cattle line. I have to raise my hands and get a pat down that resembles a high school boy on his very first exploration of the female body.

I must have the look about me you know the “dangerous” mom of three, wife of a veteran, bad bottom blogger wielding her Instagram and launching her Twitter all while tagging on Facebook in a single wrist motion.

The one thing that I can do well is eat, and Grapevine Texas restaurants were incredible. I know I hide it, thank you for the gym membership and A-line dresses. It also helps that at home I always have children asking for something on my plate. I mean who has time to enjoy your meal? You are always planning, shopping, cooking, trying to eat while getting interrupted because they want more, or you forgot the ketchup or can you scrap the chives off, and then the clean up and it all begins again in 20 minutes.

You are a robot, and you are a warrior.

What you aren’t is someone who can keep going at this pace without some much-needed indulgence, relaxation, and quiet. I recently attended a conference in GrapeVine; Texas called Travel Media Showcase where they treated us to the best ladies weekend getaway.

I didn’t realize how bad I needed it. I was like a helium balloon that someone opened. I was on my last leg after days floating over the family affairs. The reprieve was reminiscent of a shower after being out in the blazing sun all day. The minute we arrived in Grapevine we were welcomed to the family.

Grapevine, if you aren’t aware is a small town with an overflowing heart. It sits nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth and offers everything a big city would offer with the exception of debris, rude people, and inflated prices. It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy, and find yourself again.

I found myself in front of some amazing food during my visit between that aromatic and delicious wine I was at home.

cheese churds

The journey began at The Chill Bar and Grill you can see the best queso in grapevine texas I have ever had. I wasn’t sure how I had lived so long without it. Then we needed a little exercise after eating all those Texas-size goodies. There wasn’t one dish that I didn’t want to meet my mouth again. We headed to the Grapevine Outlet Mall. The outlet mall boasts your favorite retailers at a massive discount. There is even an aquarium in there.

Then we went back to the Marriott Courtyard in Grapevine for little rest while we attempted to muster up enough hunger to tackle dinner. I can’t tell you how being in a room by myself lifted my being. It seems that we forget what quiet sounds like. I did keep looking for things to pick up or for little people to help.


The struggle is real. You know the one that comes from seeing a menu at the Winewood Grill Grapevine Restaurant with so many options that you can’t control yourself. You find the words “we will have the entire dessert menu to sample” slipping off your tongue only to be met with several of your friend’s eyes glistening with encouragement and excitement. The bountiful display of desserts was a duty I felt destined to tackle even after my meal of tasty elevated comfort food that dances over your tongue and fills your soul with accomplishment.

sloan williams winery

I am not someone who regularly drinks wine but when in Grapevine it is a must. I was pleasantly surprised by the offerings and assortment. I even brought home a bottle of chocolate wine. I highly suggest the Grapevine wine tour. We visited Sloan Williams Winery, Homestead Winery, And Farnia’s Winery on our tour.

Do you what the best part of my trip was? I experienced without regret. I left my guilt in my suitcase, and I didn’t unpack it. I enjoyed every meal, conversation, and moment. It was the kind of trip the fills you up.

“If you want something you never had you need to do something you have never done.”

I highly suggest making your something new a visit to Grapevine, Texas

I visited several other restaurants on my trip and I will be writing about them soon so check back for the best restaurants in Grapevine, Texas.

Real Advice Gal Tip:

A little-known fact if you fly in and out of Dallas-Fort Worth and have at least 4 hours why stay in the airport when you can see the town? If you have the time and a couple of bucks, this is the tour for you. It is an exceptional service and one I highly recommend. You can read the Grapevine Shuttle press tour.

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