Bee Friendly with Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Bee Friendly with PRI Manuka Honey and more!

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Summer is almost here and I can’t wait to enjoy the warm weather. I’m sure most of you are already excited to go on vacation, make sure to prepare for it by having some healthy “Travel Treats” and body care products for the whole family. PRI has a whole selection of healthy, nutritious and satisfying Manuka Honey snacks, wellness and beauty products from New Zealand. Manuka Honey Caramels and Proper Crisps are a must have in my travel snacks list because my kids love it so much. Also a must have for us during this warm weather is the Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil because it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is a non-allergenic.

New Zealand is an environmentally protected and GMO Free region. That’s why their Manuka honey is the gold standard for honey and is produced exclusively in New Zealand from bees and flowers that are environmentally protected. No artificial flavors, colors, no corn syrup or refined sugars and NO preservatives.

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The secret to a great treat is trying something new that is made with quality ingredients. The Pacific Resources International company brings the best products to their consumer at affordable prices. I am a “home” cook with gourmet taste buds. I was so impressed by the products that sent me that I set out to make an easy to follow recipe that tasted amazing. I used their Manuka Honey in my chicken recipe it is divine. Did you know that Manuka Honey is directly from New Zealand and it is verified by the UMFHA and it retains the benefits of raw honey? It is also certified kosher. I also used some of the flaky sea salt from New Zealand. It was very flavorful. PRI products are truly amazing and makes the perfect ingredients that will turn your recipes into gourmet quality because of these gourmet seasonings from down under.

Just mix manuka honey, soy sauce, white wine vinegar, chili flakes , flaky sea salt and some flour.
Then pour or baste it on chicken.
That’s it!
Easy and so delicious!

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Pacific Resources International really have put a lot of care and thought into their products. Their products contain no additives and are pure!

The Pacific Sea Salt is natural with nothing added to it! It is processed organically by the sun and wind! The flaky texture garnishes all sorts of foods like fish, salads, and my favorite sliced avocados!

A sweet treat from Pacific Resources International is the Manuka Honey. It is pure 100% Raw New Zealand Honey. Perfect to add to my cup of tea in the afternoon! But it’s natural flavors are so rich!

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I have been enjoying the Nectar Balm Bee Venom Cream. It’s creamy and leaves my skin soft. The benefits are outstanding, though. Just rub a little on a sore muscle and it will work as a deep heat and will soothe pain! Again all the ingredients are natural and pure, and yes it does contain Bee Venom too! The Venom works as an antioxidant to boost the immune system! For over 25 years now, Pacific Resources International has been delivering Manuka Honey beauty and health products that are safe and soothing. I promise you will feel great using them!

The Manuka oil is another favorite of mine! It is 100% Pure Manuka Oil and has been shown to treat, Cuts and scraps to burn, acne, eczema and so much more! They even have Manuka Oil with Sweet Almond oil that is ready to use for immediately. Just one drop is all you need too! A little does go a long way.

Finally, I want to tell you about three of my favorite skin care products, The Propolis Soap, Manuka Honey Soap and the Manuka Cool Citrus Hand Cream. The Propolis Soap is infused with Tea Tree oil as well. It is a great cleaner that is safe for all skin types! The Manuka Honey Soap has botanical oils and Pacific Sea Salt leaving your skin smooth and clean. It is also handcrafted and is a great moisturizer! Manuka Cool Citrus Hand Cream is great because it’s got pure exotic botanicals that are combined with Manuka Honey leaving skin soft! Again this is infused with Sweet Almond oil as well and has a soft scent of cool citrus! It is also convenient because its travel size so you can easier carry this in your purse or take on a plane without any problems!

Try these PRI Beauty Recipes:

Beauty Recipe #1: Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

Make a Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by adding:

5 drops of Tea Tree Oil to one egg and 2 tbsp of olive oil.
Mix thoroughly, and apply to damp hair for five to 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Beauty Recipe #2: Manuka Oil Lemon Salt Scrub

Manuka Oil Lemon Salt Scrub

1 Cup Fine Pacific Seal Salt
4 Tbls Coconut Oil
A few drops of Manuka Honey Oil in Almond Oil
1 Tsp Lemon Juice

Add 1 cup Pacific Sea Salt to your bowl.
Slowly add in your coconut oil and stir until wet.
Add Manuka Honey Oil
Add lemon and stir
Store in container with lid

PRI Manuka Honey Products and More Giveaway

PRI Manuka Honey

We’re giving away ONE PRI Bee Friendly Prize Pack  ($85 Value)

Mossop’s Manuka Honey – ½ lb. Jar
Manuka Honey Wound & Burn Dressing
Phyto Shield Botanical Oral Care Toothpaste – Propolis
Manuka Honey Lip Balm
Manuka Honey Hand Cream – Simply Manuka
Manuka Honey Caramels
Manuka Honey Sticks – 10-pack
Bio-Gro Certified Pacific Sea Salt – Fine Grain
Proper Crisps – Marlborough Sea Salt – 40g
BONUS: Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil

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Here are more information about PRI products

Mossop’s Manuka Honey – ½ lb. Jar
Mossops — New Zealand’s very sweet and golden Tawari Honey comes from the creamy white flowers of New Zealand’s Tawari Tree. These richly perfumed flowers bloom in late spring, enticing thousands of honeybees. Today the majestic evergreen Tawari Tree is a rarity and only found in unspoiled New Zealand native forests. 100% Raw Honey. Mossops “Pure Gold” Manuka honey is hand harvested by a family that is now in its third generation of bee keepers. Father and sons work together to ensure the highest quality Manuka, packed and tested in New Zealand, arrives to your table. Manuka is well known for its healing properties worldwide and sets the standard for 100% raw healing honeys. The ½ lb. is perfect as a take anywhere size or a gift to that special someone.

Manuka Honey Wound & Burn Dressing
PRI’s 15+ Manuka Wound & Burn Dressing contains Manuka Honey that is sourced from New Zealand’s remote, pollution free native forests and an essential for your first aid cabinet to help heal cuts, burns and scrapes. It contains naturally occurring, special non-peroxide antibacterial activity. Ingredients: Manuka Honey 15+

Phyto Shield Botanical Oral Care Toothpaste – Propolis
Phyto Shield natural dental solutions provide protection using the best botanicals that nature has to offer. Botanical Oral Care Toothpaste is particularly recommended for extra gum care, receding gums and when requiring minimum gum irritation during brushing. It uses the unique antibacterial agent Totarol; does not contain artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or preservatives; no sodium lauryl sulphate; assists in prevention of plaques build up; removes stains; and freshens breath.

Manuka Honey Lip Balm
PRI’s Manuka Honey Lip Balm is the newest addition to body care collection. The Manuka Honey Lip Balm is uniquely formulated with the healing power of Manuka Honey and Organic Ingredients to protect, restore and hydrate your lips.

Manuka Honey Hand Cream – Simply Manuka
Exotic Botanicals combined with New Zealand Manuka Honey to enrich and nourish the skin. Comes in 3 refreshing scents: Cool Citrus, Coconut and Lime, and Simply Manuka and in a handy take anywhere size.

Manuka Honey Caramels
PRI’s mouth-watering Manuka Honey Caramels are so good it’s hard to put them down. These Manuka Honey soft chews are a taste sensation and packed full of flavorful goodness.

Bio-Gro Certified Pacific Sea Salt – Fine Grain
We couldn’t resist. We thought of treating you to the purest salt on earth! Desalinated from the cleanest ocean surrounding New Zealand, PRI’s Fine Grain Sea Salt is the perfect condiment to accent your cooking – and a treat for your family. Bio-Gro Certified.

Manuka Honey Sticks
PRI’s Manuka Honey Sticks are the nutritional alternative to candy. Kids love them! Great for lunches or after school snacks. Manuka Honey Sticks – the nutritional alternative to candy. 10pk.

Proper Crisps – Marlborough Sea Salt – 40g
Rosemary and Thyme – We raided the herb garden! These French inspired crisps are created with real rosemary and thyme, dried and ground just prior to the cooking process, releasing their natural oils, ensuring the freshest taste and flavor possible. Proper Crisps are: 100% Natural, Gluten Free, GMO Free, 100% High Oleic Sunflower oil, Suitable for Vegetarians, Dairy free, and No added MSG.
5 Delicious flavors: Kumara (Sweet Potato, Marlborough Sea Salt, Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt, Smoked Paprika, Rosemary & Thyme.

BONUS: Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil
PRI Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey and Tea Tree Oil is a soft, luxurious rich cleansing soap offering the benefits of Propolis, Manuka Oil and Raw Manuka Honey. Propolis Soap takes care of unwanted bacteria on the surface – the cause of many skin infections. This unique, all natural soap is used for face, body and hands and provides necessary nutrients to delicate skin tissues. This versatile soap does not dry out the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Propolis Soap is used to clear skin problems such as acne, pimples, psoriasis, fungus, different types of skin rashes and many other skin care problems. This healthy soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is a non-allergenic.

Pacific Resources International is an exclusive importer of various New Zealand health care products. Their award winning products include Manuka Honey, Pacific Sea Salt, Propolis Lozenges, Proper Crisps Chips, Manuka Caramels, and much more! Pacific Resources International (PRI) was the first company to introduce Manuka Honey to the U.S. and owner David Noll has dedicated his career to bringing native and natural New Zealand wellness products to U.S. soil. David works closely with a variety of New Zealand companies to ensure that products are made with pure, natural, and quality ingredient.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pacific Resources International but all opinions are mine.

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