Balmex Diaper Rash Cream Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Balmex. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a mom with two babies under 2, I am constantly making sure that they have clean diapers and no rashes! No matter how hard we try it still ends up happening! My daughter always seems to get a terrible rash when she is cutting teeth. It doesn’t matter how quickly I change her, it burns her bottom so fast! Just last week her bottom was so red and so irritated! Almost to the point where her skin gets paper-thin! So after I get her all cleaned up and her bottom is completely dry I place on a thick layer of Balmex Diaper Rash Cream. By the next diaper change her bottom was about half as red as the last change! Not only that but she was more of my happy baby girl! And having our babies happy is what matters the most! Balmex Diaper Rash Cream is proven to reduce redness in ONE diaper change, making it easy to help treat and fight diaper rash. Balmex with ActivGuard helps neutralize harmful irritants found in dirty or wet diapers. 

We have tried other creams and oils but nothing seems to work as well as Balmex Diaper Rash Cream. It doesn’t burn going on, which makes it so much easier for me too! Balmex diaper cream has a protective barrier that helps keeps moisture off to keep their bottoms clear!

My son is just 3 months old and I use Balmex Diaper Rash Cream on him as well. Even on his soft and gentle skin it’s safe enough! Balmex Diaper Rash Cream is formulated with doctor-recommended zinc oxide plus three soothing botanicals and skin nourishing vitamins B5 and E to help soothe and treat diaper rash, while moisturizing and nourishing baby’s irritated skin. It goes on smooth, wipes off easily. Fight irritation. End the red. Use Balmex instead.

You can get Balmex Diaper Rash Cream at retailers such as: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Toys-R-Us/Babies-R-Us, CVS and Kmart! Now is the best time to try it with this Balmex Diaper Rash Cream Special Offer. For a limited time only, you can now save $1 and try it yourself! I know you will love it as much as I do! #EndTheRed

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