July 16, 2014

Baby Food Jars Craft: Anything Holders

Baby Food Jars Craft: Anything Holders


Today I have a super fun (and functional) craft for you to make out of all those baby food jars you might have laying around! This is my baby food jars craft anything holders! The beauty of these holders is you can customize them to hold whatever you want (well, as long as it will fit!). These would be great for holding work items at your desk, candy dishes at your table centerpiece, or even great wedding/baby show centerpieces with coordinating party colors! This project costs me about $2 each and are oh-sos-cute. Want to learn how to make them? Lets get started!

Here is what you will need to make this baby food jars craft:


  • Baby Food Jars (I suggest the larger ones because they will hold more
  • glass candle sticks (I got mine from the dollar tree for $1)
  • Glue (superglue or regular glue will both work fine)
  • Paint/paintbrush

Here is how to make this Baby Food Jars craft:


First- pick the colors you want to use and paint your candlesticks! It will probably take a couple of coats to cover well.


Next, After you have painted your candle sticks, paint your baby food jar tops. Let them dry completely.


Then- using your glue you will glue your (cleaned out!) baby food jar to the top of your candle stick. (I would suggest using super glue because the traditional glue took forever to dry!).


Finish- by filling up your new anything jars with anything you like!

See? Super easy and fun to make! My anything jars look great on my work desk, and now I don’t have to search the whole house for a push pin when I need to add something to my bulletin board!

Do you have any creative ways to reuse baby food jars? Let us know in the comments below!

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