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September 22, 2017

Snack Ideas for Sports

This post was sponsored by Nabisco as part of an Integrated Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

How did we get to fall? I swear it was summer yesterday. It may have been the unusually warm weather, but it dissipated quickly, and we have landed square into fall. The leaves have decided to begin to transform into colors even a paintbrush couldn’t recreate. The crisp air and school buses rushing past signify the lazy days of summer are ending. The end of summer means that fall sports are upon us. I have three soccer players, and I am team mom. I need Snack Ideas for Sports.

 Give kids the best snacks for sports. Check out TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks that are made with quality ingredients such as milk, eggs and chocolate.

I found these soft, delicious, cream-filled, satisfying snacks that make my children ask for more. The TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks are the perfect snack after a great game. They are made from quality ingredients such as milk, eggs, and chocolate. You can’t help but smile when you see these lovely bear treats. Do you know what they are not filled with? TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks contain no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors.Continue reading

September 12, 2017

Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pillsbury™. The opinions and text are all mine.

It was raining. The kind of rain that sounds like a herd of elephants is moving quickly across your roof. The rain doesn’t bother me. It would have if the party I had planned for today were outside but after being rained out last year. I decided that I need to have indoor birthday party ideas. I went to work right away creating a list of things that I could do the following year because having kids that were set to play sports outside descend upon your house was something I wasn’t going to do again. I am still not sure how cake ended up on the fan but as they say, “kids will be kids.” This year the kids will be busy, and I will not need a day of rest after the party to recover. In case you were wondering I didn’t know about the cake until we turned on the fan.

Now you understand why having a plan to host a party indoors is better than doing it because you have to. It is, in fact, easier to plan an indoor party. You can use the space you have without worrying that a party guest will end up at your neighbors.

Have a successful party that you won't have to worry if it will rain by planning an indoor party. Check out these indoor birthday party ideas.

There are a couple of things to consider:Continue reading

August 31, 2017

Easy Coffee Rub for Chicken or Steak Recipe

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Community Coffee. All opinions expressed here are my own, and I’m happy to share with you my coffee rub recipe.

It is that morning. The one you dread. The one where you forgot to get out of our pajamas and ended up driving your kids to school because they missed the bus. You hadn’t planned to get out of the car, but your littlest dropped their lunch, and the orange tumbled away almost in slow motion. You jumped out of your minivan. You had to save the orange. What if your child didn’t have their serving of fruit? You try to look dignified after almost face planting in your heroic effort to save the orange from the SUV that was approaching quickly. You wave to the crossing guard that reminded you parents are supposed to stay in their car at all times. You get back into your vehicle because the day has to get better.

You drive home, and it does.

You remember next to you sits your Community® Coffee. You pull into your driveway. You do not get out of the car. You bring the mug to your lips. You let the aromatic scent pass by your nose. You inhale. You exhale. You take a sip as the flavorful brew travels down your throat. You smile. You have returned to yourself again.

You do not have to wonder where your Community® Coffee came from. It has been a family owned business for four generations. The owner “Cap” named it Community out of appreciation for his community of friends and the customers he served. You think Cap, and I could have been friends. He gets me. He knows it takes a village to not only raise a child but to grow the best coffee beans. You think about the generations of farmers that have taken great care to produce only the best 100% Arabica coffee beans. Community Coffee features roasted and blended beans using recipes perfected over 95 years. You think to yourself even if I had 95 years experience I still couldn’t have caught that orange any sooner.

You hope your children are talking to you after the pajamas, car line, and the rogue orange incident. You decided to make sure they will forget this morning by making a recipe they can’t resist. You are going to make a recipe using the Community Coffee that you love in the morning into a culinary experience this evening, and it is easier than chasing an orange on a mission to embarrass you.

Coffee Rub for Chicken or Steak Recipe

Add a delicious twist to your recipe. This coffee rub for chicken recipe makes the chicken oh so yummy. You can also use this coffee rub for pork, steak or burgers.

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20 Great Maternity Halloween Costumes You Can Find On Amazon

20 Great Maternity Halloween Costumes You Can Find On Amazon

20 Great Maternity Halloween Costumes You Can Find On Amazon

Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner? Is it just me or does it seem like this year is just flying by? This year my best friend and trick-or-treat partner in crime is pregnant! So we wanted to look for some cute maternity Halloween costumes for her to wear on our many festive adventures we plan on going to this year. I was pleasantly surprised on how many cute maternity Halloween costumes that there were on Amazon! I thought that there must be others out there that were looking for their own costumes so I wanted to make a list of the top 20 that we found. Enjoy! Continue reading

August 18, 2017

How One Challenge Can Change Everything

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water and Blog Meets Brand. All opinions expressed here are 100% mine. I believe in healthy living that’s why I’m happy to share this detox challenge to my readers.

Have a healthy body and challenge yourself to avoid sugary beverages, coffee, tea and alcohol. Check out the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water detox challenge.

The moment when you can run up the steps, and it isn’t because the bus is here and your child forgot a book. You are running up the steps because you feel good. Your life reminds you of white water rafting, Your day goes by faster than the rapids in a river and it is often confusing to navigate but then it becomes exciting and joyful, and you forget the work.

You feel alive on that river. You thrive in that environment. You feel more alive than you have felt in years in those moments. You decide if you can navigate life for everyone else it is your turn to plot your own course.

You are excited. You have a plan. You are going to do it this time. You can do it this time. I mean you can organize the lives of little people, clean the table with one hand, help with homework, and cook all while they ask questions. You can even locate things that they have walked past one million times and still can’t see them.

You may be a superhero. You are a superhero, and you are going to power up.

You have decided it is your time. Your moment. You give every moment to everyone else. You can do it. You are ready to let greatness touch your lips. You are willing to drink up life. You will take ownership of your health.

You can do anything. I have seen it! I have heard it. I have felt your determination when it comes to those you love. It is your turn to enjoy yourself! You can do almost anything for five days so why not change your life so you can do more. Have more energy be healthier. You want to increase your calcuim to build your bones and teeth. You need magnesium for healthy muscles, energy metabolism, and it is essential to the healthy functioning to the nerve center.

You ask yourself what if the fountain of youth is found in a bottle? Doubtful? Maybe? What if inspiration is?

Have a healthy body and challenge yourself to avoid sugary beverages, coffee, tea and alcohol. Check out the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water detox challenge.

What if you promised yourself you would to switch to Gerolsteiner’s sparkling mineral water for five days. You wanted to take part in the Sparkling Detox challenge from September 11 until September 15 because you are curious. Will you feel better when you give up beverages filled with sugar, additives, and caffeine? Will you have more energy? Will you be able to fly after? No, No, No you won’t but you will stop filling your river of life with caffeine, additives, and sugar. You wouldn’t swim in that so why drink it?

I invite you to join the Sparkling Detox challenge with me.

You have five days, and you have everything you need to make the change you want to see.

How about I sweeten the deal.

You can win……………….

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