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September 15, 2018

Gluten Free Pumpkin Waffles Recipe

Gluten Free Pumpkin Waffle Recipe


In the last couple of weeks, we have found out that my husband is gluten intolerant. I have been scrambling to make breakfasts that I can cook ahead of time and freeze. I have to come up with meals that my kids and my husband will both like and they have to be easy. They have to be something I can make ahead of time. I headed into Walmart to buy some ingredients for what I hoped would be a special breakfast meal idea. I decided that a pumpkin waffle with yogurt sauce would be the perfect remedy. I will say my children loved the Yogurt dipping sauce so much that they asked me to put the rest in their lunch box with apple slices. This recipe was so successful in my home that I am sharing it with you.Continue reading

September 12, 2018

Vanilla Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Vanilla Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Vanilla Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Still can’t get enough of pumpkin? Well how about some delicious pumpkin bread for the holiday season. This Vanilla Pumpkin Bread Recipe is not only delicious but it looks great too, perfect for the festive season. If there’s such thing as Christmas pumpkin bread, then this recipe is it! I make several of this to give to friends and I also some ready for a quick breakfast or snack to munch on.

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How to Save Money by Using a Calendar

Did you know that using a calendar is a money saving tool that you can use and one of the best ways to save money?  I am so excited to share with you How to Save Money by Using a Calendar in your everyday life!  Plus, I am sharing some awesome printables to get you started!

Read these tips on how to use a calendar to save money. We have free printable 2019 calendar, weekly budget calendar and monthly budget calendar all for Free for you to print.


We all have on, in fact, you have a calendar on your phone, computer, and possibly a paper one. If you want a paper one, there is a free paper calendar in this post. The truth is you are most likely wondering how to save money using a calendar. The first thing I want you to do on your calendar is put events that are going to cost money. There are several events that will cost money: birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments, car maintenance, mortgage payments/ rent, lights, water, ETC. In another color pen or pencil put in when you get paid. I would suggest putting what you get paid minus 20% you need to get in the mindset that you make 20% less and put that in the bank in three accounts. Long-term savings, and in case of an emergency account, and saving for something account. I place my 52 week savings challenge amount that I owe myself right on my calendar. It helps remind me to put back the things I really do not need.

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Gluten Free Vanilla Crazy Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Vanilla Crazy Cake Recipe

Gluten Free Vanilla Crazy Cake Recipe

My family loves cake, who doesn’t right? But recently we’ve been trying to eat gluten free so I have to find a way for all of us to still enjoy cake. This Gluten Free Vanilla Crazy Cake Recipe is heaven’s gift to my cake problems. It’s so delicious and very easy to make, you can make this for birthdays, special occasions or to just make the day special. I promise kids won’t even notice the difference and they’ll love this.

Here’s how to make this Gluten Free Vanilla Crazy Cake Recipe:

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See How I Made $173 in 15 Minutes Each Year

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sponsored by Ebates. All opinions are 100% mine.

Save money when shopping online! See how I made $173 in 15 minutes each year.

Best ways to save money when shopping online. See how I made $173 in 15 minutes each year.

I love to spend less money almost as much as I love to shop. There is a correlation if I save more then I have more to spend. You can insert my husband’s eye roll here. We have a deal we set a budget that includes retirement savings and then there is a fund for other items. This has been true the entire time we have been together. This is something that made our journey to being debt free even easier and it started when we were in the military. I say we but my husband served our country I made sure my husband was fit for duty!

The question that people always asked is how did a teacher and a junior officer save enough to put a huge down payment on their first home? The answer is simple and I mean really simple. We figure out how to buy what we need at the absolute lowest price. What if I could tell you how to save $100 a year on the stuff you are already buying. Does that interest you? What if I told you that being military means you can double dip on discounts? Is that exciting?

I tell people about my shoe story. I bought a pair of shoes online. I had a friend and she bought the same pair of shoes. She paid $8 more for the same pair of shoes. You say it is only $8. She spent $32 and I spent $24. That is a big deal if that happened on every purchase she made. Look I do not want you to be the person that pays more for the items you want. I want you to be like us and be debt free. I will tell you my secret for saving. It’s the best way to save money when shopping online. Guess what it is free!

This year alone this very same secret helped me save $173. I took an average and every year that I have used this powerful tool. I saved $173.17. It took 15 minutes to use and that is on the high side.

That means I made the tool that helped me make $173 in 15 minutes is available to everyone. You do not have to be military to receive this discount. You do not have to shop at discount stores. You can shop at your favorite retailers like Walmart, Sephora, Macy’s, Amazon, eBay, Kohl’s, Target, Barney’s, and more!

Do you want to know how I figured out I could save even more on my purchases? I love to shop at places that honor and respect our military. I love that my secret tool helps me get an even bigger discount.

Yes, I will share with you how between my husband and myself we saved over $500 this year using EBATES.

Save money shopping online with Ebates

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Hurry Save Now!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own.

Money Saving Tips for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is fun but the time for a lot of expenses. Read my money saving tips on how you can budget and save for the holidays.

I was sitting on the couch trying to figure out what paper went to what kid when I received a startling phone call from my husband. He was in between planes and he wanted to know what we spend a year. I, of course, answered with “money.” He told me to get serious because we have some big expenses coming up and we need to figure out how we plan to pay for them.

I was a little startled because we are debt free. We do not spend a lot of money, and we try our best to live below our means at $40,000 or less a year, but I thought he called because of a large unexpected expense. In reality he was planning for the cost of our child’s braces, which were $5200. That one hurt but we had a dental account for this very reason.

I spent the next 4 hours combing through my Suntrust checking account, his checking account, and our joint account. Then I called the power company to make sure I had my numbers in order because my account management leaves a lot to be desired. I put everything I had into the Suntrust Budgeting worksheet. The SunTrust budget worksheet from is free and easy to use.Continue reading

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