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November 16, 2017

Funny Elf on the Shelf Calendar of ideas

Funny Elf on the Shelf ideas

Free printable elf on the shelf calendar of ideas

Every year, my family and I have a full month of Funny Elf on the Shelf  ideas and I wanted to share my Elf on the Shelf Calendar of ideas with you guys! With my Funny Elf on the Shelf ideas: Calendar of Ideas you can plan out your month easily, and never run out of fun ideas for your elf to do! These ideas are easy to do, and your kids are sure to love them!Continue reading

Christmas Gift Wish List For Kids Printable

Christmas Gift Wish List For Kids Printable


The holidays will be here before you know it! I don’t know about you, but my daughter is already adding requests to her Christmas list and it was hard to keep up with so I made a Christmas Gift List For Kids Printable so I would be able to keep up with what she wanted when it was time to go shopping. (Black Friday anyone?) We keep her list on our fridge so that way when she thinks of something she wants she can add it to her list, but she has to be picky because there are only 10 open slots for wishes. So I wanted to share with you the list I made, feel free to print it off and use it for your kids too!

Here is my Christmas Gift List For Kids Printable for you:


PRINT this Christmas Gift Wish List

Get your Elf's fun and mischievous pranks ready for Christmas. Get our free printable Elf on the Shelf calendar so you can plan your elf on the shelf ideas.

Check out our Elf on the Shelf Calendar of ideas

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Christmas Party Ideas For Kids

Superior Source Vitamins Giveaway

Holiday season is almost here and we need to make sure our whole family’s health is in tip top shape. It’s important to make sure to have a healthy diet and we give our body a boost of vitamins. Superior Source is my choice of vitamins for my family. They have a wide variety of vitamins for adults and even for kids. The Microlingual® tablets from Superior Source are perfect for kids because they dissolve fast.

Get ready for the holiday season and make sure you're health is in tip top shape. Enter for a chance to win $95 worth of Superior Source Vitamins AD

This coming holiday season is a great reminder for us to focus our attention on family time to spend time together doing healthy and active pursuits. Let’s all eat better, exercise more and make the health of our family a priority every day!

Start giving some time for yourself. Being healthy is a combination of getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, exercising daily (here’s a printable daily fitness goal), relaxing and taking some vitamins and supplements to boost your body’s defenses.

Superior Source Vitamins.

Superior Source Vitamins

Superior Source Vitamins has many great vitamins to choose from for supplementation! Being healthy inside is just as important as outside, and a great way to get the inside of our bodies healthy is to give it good vitamins to promote energy, heart health, bone health, etc.

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November 14, 2017

Free Printable Grocery List

Free Printable Grocery List

If you want to save money the number #1 thing to do is write a list of the items you need. Then you find coupons to go with them. If you stick with your Real Advice Gal Printable Grocery List then you will also save money. I use this list. I laminated it and I use a dry erase marker to keep track of what we need each week. It is a great tool and helps my husband and myself stay on budget. It is yours to print. Please leave my logo on the bottom since it took a lot of time to create.

Save money by planning your grocery list. Print my printable grocery list and use it to stay on a budget when buying your family essentials


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November 12, 2017

Irish Meatloaf an Easy Irish Recipe

I was recently in Ireland. I had the best time. I came home and I wanted to cook everything that I could that reminded me of Ireland. I made  Dublin Coddle, Lemon Scones, tea brack, and even Irish  Soda Bread.  Then I went on to tackle Irish Meat Loaf. It is such an easy Irish Recipe. This meatloaf had a secret ingredient. You will not believe what they use but once I added it to my meatloaf it became the best easy meatloaf I have ever made. You can even freeze it.

I looked all over for easy Irish recipe and all of them had one ingredient. That I had to google.

What is minced meat?

It turns out minced meat is beef same as our version of ground beef but we use a grinder so Minced meat is simply meat that has been passed through a mincing machine to break it down into smaller pieces. 

Once, I had that part of the recipe cleared up I was ready to make the best easy meatloaf recipe called Irish meatloaf.

I went to Ireland and fell in love with their food. This Irish meatloaf recipe is the best meatloaf recipe ever. You have to try it!

Easy Irish Meatloaf Recipe

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Save BIG on Savesta Supplements

Savesta Supplements

Now is the time to stock up on your favorite Savesta Supplements! You’re in for a treat because Black Friday Savings All Month at This November 2017 only, Shop here and save 50% on all Savesta Ayurvedic supplement using the coupon code “BlFri17.” Plus, make sure to join our Savesta giveaway below for a chance to win 5 products.

Stock up on your favorite Savesta Supplements! It's Black Friday Savings All Month, save 50% on all Savesta Ayurvedic supplement using the coupon code “BlFri17.” Plus, make sure to join our Savesta giveaway below for a chance to win 5 products.

Savesta supplements are produced in the USA and are manufactured without toxic chemicals. Safe for Vegan consumption as well, Savesta products use wild-crafted herbs. These herbs which are harvested in such a way that the mother plants grown in the wild are undisturbed. I don’t know about you, but it encourages me to know that Savesta is a company that operates with integrity and care not only for the consumer, but for the environment as well.

Keep in mind, Savesta products are Soy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Non-GMO. Not only are they produced in the USA, but Savesta is environmentally conscious as well harvesting their herbs in such a way that preserves these plants in their natural habitat. Personally, it gives me peace knowing these natural supplements are manufactured without manmade toxic chemicals or solvents. Only pure water and alcohol are used in creating their extracts.

Here are more information about Savesta supplements:

Savesta Ashwagandha helps to manage normal daily stress, promotes relaxation and a more restful sleep and helps boost the immune system

Boswellia helps support healthy join function, healthy respirator function and the body’s natural inflammation response.

Organic Garcinia
Taken as directed, Organic Garcinia increases brain serotonin, which may make one feel less hungry and allow one to help maintain healthy weight management.

Organic Moringa
Organic Moringa contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C and E, helps boost energy and stamina and helps suppress inflammatory enzymes in the body.

Turmeric supports health joint functions and helps support the body’s natural inflammation response.

Again, don’t miss this chance to save 50% on all Savesta Ayurvedic supplement using the coupon code “BlFri17.” Shop now >>>> here

7 ways of staying healthy

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