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Bee Friendly with Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Bee Friendly with PRI Manuka Honey and more!

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Summer is almost here and I can’t wait to enjoy the warm weather. I’m sure most of you are already excited to go on vacation, make sure to prepare for it by having some healthy “Travel Treats” and body care products for the whole family. PRI has a whole selection of healthy, nutritious and satisfying Manuka Honey snacks, wellness and beauty products from New Zealand. Manuka Honey Caramels and Proper Crisps are a must have in my travel snacks list because my kids love it so much. Also a must have for us during this warm weather is the Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil because it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is a non-allergenic.

New Zealand is an environmentally protected and GMO Free region. That’s why their Manuka honey is the gold standard for honey and is produced exclusively in New Zealand from bees and flowers that are environmentally protected. No artificial flavors, colors, no corn syrup or refined sugars and NO preservatives.

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The secret to a great treat is trying something new that is made with quality ingredients. The Pacific Resources International company brings the best products to their consumer at affordable prices. I am a “home” cook with gourmet taste buds. I was so impressed by the products that sent me that I set out to make an easy to follow recipe that tasted amazing. I used their Manuka Honey in my chicken recipe it is divine. Did you know that Manuka Honey is directly from New Zealand and it is verified by the UMFHA and it retains the benefits of raw honey? It is also certified kosher. I also used some of the flaky sea salt from New Zealand. It was very flavorful. PRI products are truly amazing and makes the perfect ingredients that will turn your recipes into gourmet quality because of these gourmet seasonings from down under.

Just mix manuka honey, soy sauce, white wine vinegar, chili flakes , flaky sea salt and some flour.
Then pour or baste it on chicken.
That’s it!
Easy and so delicious!

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Peach Leather Recipe

Easy peach leather recipeI LOVE fruit chews but hate all the additives and the expense of them….so when we bought a case of peaches we decided to try Peach leather. What a wonderful, delicious, easy snack!!!

Ever have bunches of fruit and want to make fruit leather? Think you have to use a dehydrator or other special equipment? If you have a blender and an oven you can make this great snack.

What is fruit leather?

Fruit leathers are tasty and chewy dried fruits or also called homemade fruit rolls. Fruits are dried by removing water content through sun drying, or by using dehydrators. Another method is by drying in puree form, which is what I will show you in this recipe.

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June 7, 2017

Wedding Souvenirs Under $10

Cheap Wedding Souvenirs

  The big day is coming, and the expenses are adding up. You have looked over your wedding checklist. You see you are still okay because you have the Free Printable Wedding Budget Checklist. You do not a way to thank your guest for coming and to remind them of your big days for days, months, and years to come. You need Wedding Souvenirs Under $10.

We all know how expensive weddings are so buying cheap wedding souvenirs for your guests that are fun and memorable is a plus.

I picked out some great wedding souvenirs for visitors and to buy any of them just click on the image. They are all well under $10.

Wedding Souvenirs Under $10

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Best Lipsticks For Women Over 40

Best Lipsticks For Women Over 40

Do you want the best lipstick out there? Do you know that some lipsticks are made better than others? Do you struggle to find the right shade? The one that looks good on you? How about one that doesn’t end up on your teeth. Do you try to avoid wearing your lipstick on your chin?

What if the perfect lipstick existed. What if we could figure out the best lipsticks for women over 40 would you be willing to give it the test?

Do lipsticks that cost more stay on longer? Do they have better color? Do they smell better? What makes a lipstick the best lipstick?

I will tell you having the right lipstick makes you stand out for all the right reason. Lipstick transforms your face and even your mood. If you meet me in real life you will remember me not because I am awesome but because I always wear red lipstick. I love red lipstick so much I have a whole post on the best red lipstick in case you want to know!

lipsense review

Lipsense Giveaway

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June 2, 2017

How to Reduce Stress this Summer

This post is sponsored by Quicken Loans National, but all ideas and opinions belong to me.

PGA TOUR golf tournament

I remember looking so forward to summer. I would count down the days, hours, and minute until that last bell echoed in the crowded hallway. I remember being part of the wave of children that emptied onto the bus waving goodbye to my friends. The smile was plastered onto my face as I made my way home. I was elated. That was until I arrived at my front door.Continue reading

May 28, 2017

10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom

10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom

You have a schedule. You are used the kids going to school. I mean your life was full enough. Now you have the responsibility to keep the kids active, happy, and create the summer of their dreams. You need tricks or a magic wand or both. You need 10 Summer Activities for Kids that Fight Boredom and you needed the yesterday.

These are some fun activities for kids at home.
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