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October 22, 2019

Halloween Treat Mix Recipe

Halloween Treat Mix Recipe

Yummy Halloween snack mix. A great fall snack for kids and perfect for Halloween parties.

Halloween is a few days away and if you are looking for a great recipe for your party, then you will love this Halloween Treat Mix Recipe! It’s easy to make, and oh-so-cute! My 5 year old actually chose this recipe and the ingredients! This whole recipe took about 20 minuets and made enough for a crowd. We actually bagged it up and sent it to her class for a fun treat!

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October 21, 2019

Zombie Makeup for Kids

Have fun on Halloween with a cool Halloween costume. Check out How to do Zombie Makeup for Kids
Have fun this Halloween wit a super cool DIY Halloween costume. This Halloween zombie makeup tutorial is so easy to follow and your kid will surely have fun!

So your little prince (or princess!) wants to be a zombie for Halloween this year huh? This might be exciting for some of you, and not so exciting for others. Either way I’m here to show you a super easy way to do some quick zombie makeup for kids that you and your kids will love! This while makeup took me about 30 minuets to put on, and came off super easy when I was done! The best part is I only had to buy 2 things from the store, the rest of what I used I already had at the house! That big “wound” on her head? It’s toilet paper! So are you ready?

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Halloween Magic Witch Potion Recipe

Halloween Magic Witch Potion Recipe

Magic Witch Potion

Let’s brew up some magic witch potion! You can use anything you have in the frig, I used a can of sprite, Kool Aid mix, bottled water, apple cranberry juice. The trick is disguising these as creepy Halloween concoctions! For the can of sprite: I put it in a black cozy to cover the label & used a sharpie to color the top of the can that still showed. I made a little “goblin spit” label and attached it with scary eye stickers. For the Kool Aid container, I just ripped off the label & used a sharpie to write “Powdered brains”, the same for the bottled water “Bat Venom” & juice “Frankenstein’s Blood”. Tip: any flavor Kool Aid and any type of ‘clear’ pop tastes good together.

Have the kids take turns pouring each one into a pitcher, save the can of pop until last, it’ll create bubbles & a real “witches brew” finish!Continue reading

October 18, 2019

Fun and Magical Halloween Costumes for the Family

Fun and magical costumes for the whole family
Fun and magical costumes for the whole family

It is mid September and October will be here before we know it! I love fall- the cooler nights and changing colors are delightful! This also means that it is time to start thinking about Halloween costumes.

I get excited during this time of the year because this is one of those times where we get to have fun dressing up. I try not to spend very much money on my kids costumes. I can get away with it pretty easily since they are still young. I still allow them choices but guide them in the choice of costume based on what is available. I am sure this is not easily done when you have older kids! But there are lots of fun costumes that won’t break the bank and are high quality so you can reuse them in the next years and even pass it on to your younger kids, relatives or friends.

10 Tips for Buying Halloween Costumes

Make the most out of your budget by making sure you’re getting good quality costumes and that you and your kids are safe. I have some tips below.

1 Make sure the materials of the costume are safe and flame-resistant.
2 Check what is included in the costume. Are you getting a set? Does it have accessories or props?
3 Make sure you’re getting the right size. Double-check the size chart so that the costume fits.
4 Buy early and take advantage of a discount or free shipping coupons.
5 Make sure that the costume or mask is comfortable to wear. Try it on. Especially with kids and pets make sure that they can see and breathe properly.

Here are some fun costumes for your family from my favorite store which carries lots of adorable Halloween costumes.

Baby Costumes

Tinker Bell Costume for Baby

Daisy Duck Fleece Costume Romper for Baby

Donald Duck Costume for Baby

Pet Costumes

Dog buzzlightyear

Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Pet Costume

Woody Pet Costume

Minnie Mouse Pet Costume

Mickey Mouse Pet Costume

Kids Costumes

Ariel Costume Collection for Kids

Jasmine Costume Collection for Kids – Aladdin – Live Action Film

Black Panther Costume Collection for Kids

Family Costumes

The Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Collection for Family

Star Wars Costume Collection for Family

Incredibles 2 Costume Collection for Family

Couples Costumes

Belle Costume Dress Set for Adults

Beast Prestige Costume for Adults by Disguise

What are your plans for costumes this year? I would love to hear your choice of costumes!

October 14, 2019

Easy DIY Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

Easy DIY Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

Easy DIY Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts

If you are looking for a last minuet Halloween project to do with you kids, then you will love this Easy Halloween Project: Milk Jug Ghosts! These little cuties are easy to make, and you can make them as scary, or in my case not so scary,as you would like! I am not the best artist, as I am sure you can see, but my little girl chose the designs and thought they were great! It’s also a great way to use something that you would normally throw away! We are using our ghosts to line our walkway on Halloween night for trick-or-treaters! Continue reading

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