January 24, 2010

Ask A Teacher: What kind of Homework is this?

As our children grow so does the complexity of their assignments. What do you do if you can’t help them with an assignment? The first step is to have an established relationship with the teacher. The next step is to ask questions prior to the night before the assignment is due. It is best to look at a project the night it is given and write down any questions you may have. Then ask your  child if they know the  answer. If they can’t answer them, then send your list to school with your child. I usually go online to gather information about the given topic. If you and your child can’t answer a question try Tutor Vista– it is free and helpful.

What if your child just isn’t getting the concept and you can’t help? There are several ways to get free help.

Ask the teacher first; they maybe able to suggest a program on-site at school. They may also be able to pair your child up with another student. There are a lot of college students at local universities that are available for children. Call the college of education and ask. There are some other ideas on getting a tutor for free at EHOW.

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