Ask A Party Planner: How do you throw a kids party on a budget?

invite for the party

It is that time again my children are having their birthdays. This is one of those times when I spend money. I coupon shop so I can spend money on the “things” that are important to me. The one thing that is most important to me is making memories with my family. We always have a big party for the kids so we can invite everyone important to the kids and our family. It is unfortunate that our families do not live closer so our friends are like family to us.

I try my best to have a budget and I do. I can usually do this party for about $8 a person which includes venue, lunch, crafts, and cake.  I just bought 100 invites from Vista Print they were less than $20.00 shipped priority. We are not inviting 100 people but the picture on the front will be given to people who can’t come.

  • The first thing I do to save money is combine my son’s and daughter’s birthday party. The venue is big enough and I will do one age appropriate craft for each child’s friends.
  • Crafts will serve as the children’s take home gift instead of goody bags. Goody bags are expensive and I would rather spend my money on the event then the take home gifts.
  • I always shop ahead since we do a Halloween themed party every year.  I hit the store the day after Halloween and I buy the paper goods and additional decorations.
  • Then I buy something fun each year to add to my party theme.
  • Another tip I have is to borrow decorations from  friends.
  • I also had all our family buy the children a bounce house as their gift last year so we can have it for their party.
  • I suggest planning variations of the same party each year helps to control expenses.
  • I know what kind of food to buy and how much approximately I will need so I talk to the owner at Ashland Grill, Skip and we work out a number. He is wonderful and his lasagna is the best ever!  I can’t wait!
  • Finally, we also save money by not buying our children presents.  We explain their gift is their party.

I have my coupons ready so I can put my money where it belongs towards the family instead of paying full price for diapers, wipes, yogurt… etc. I have to say my Madame Deals coupon solution and a little work allow me to make a memory my children will not forget and frankly, that is all the motivation I need to clip towards our big party.

How do you save money while building memories?