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January 29, 2011

Ask A Blogger: How do you get your contest noticed

I have ten tips to get your event the recognition it deserves. If you want to receive prizes from companies then you have to know how to promote them. I only take products to review and giveaway that I believe my fan base will find interesting. If you take on to many items it will backfire one you. You can’t focus on your contest if you have to many unless you have a strategy or if that is the focus of your site.

1) Promote it prior to starting the contest. Get your fans excited.

2) Make sure you have a nice image of the prize a picture is worth a thousand words or several votes in this case.

3) Trade contest shout out with other sites and bloggers.

4) Create easy to use entry form. I love google docs or rafflecopters.

5) Create easy to enter contests. You need to keep it simple or you will NOT have people that enter. I use the same rules for most of my contest so my readers know what to do.

6) Link up your contests to other giveaway link ups. I have nice list here Madame Deals Giveaway Page.

7) Create a contest page on your site and direct all your traffic there. This will encourage your fans to enter multiple contests. Madame Deals contest page is a great example for you to follow.

8) Place your giveaways in a widget or a slider on your page to encourage people to enter.

9) Use your contest to drive traffic to your other contest. I always give extra entries for entering my other contests. I always make sure to say what I am giving away. You need to be specific and use words that encourage people to want that prize.

10) I use my social media to spread the word. I plan my event around high traffic times and I send out tweets and facebook posts. If it is a product I reviewed I post the image on pinterest and then link the review post to my contest. Ask your fans to share your contests and increase your reach quickly.



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