Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow Review

I slept with an Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow and I liked it!

ashley sleep memory foam pillow

I was so excited the day my Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow came. I had been volunteering with a local homeless shelter all week and really needed sleep. This was the perfect time to try our a new pillow, or so I thought. I laid down for an hour nap but couldn’t sleep since it was so soft I had to keep touching it and investigating all the cool things about it. I also couldn’t decide which side to sleep on. See this pillow is not like other memory foam pillows I have seen. It has the memory foam on one side but a nice plush pillow top on the other.

ashley sleep memory foam pillow

The memory foam piece comes out of the zippered enclosure so pillow case can be washed. I did put another case on it because I am weird like that but it is totally soft enough to use without another pillow case.

I resolved to be better the next time. I decided to use the pillow with the soft side up and the memory foam down. This provided the awesome squishiness I like but had the support to prevent any neck pain. I ended up sleeping 3 hours and woke up  in the exact same position I had fallen asleep in. I haven’t done that in years. It was at this point that my husband became interested in the pillow. He uses a special Memory Foam Pillow for people who use a C-pap/Bi-Pap and has never really found a pillow to his liking. I told him to keep his hands to himself and lucky for him he did. The next day when I was finally getting to go to sleep, I planned an hour long nap. 5 hours later, I woke up. Now I knew that it was no coincidence but it was this wonderfully soft yet stable pillow.

I have always bought my pillows on sale and thought there was really no need for an expensive pillow. I figured they were all talk and a way for companies to get to spend money. I was sure wrong. I did relent and decided to let my husband try my pillow the next day. He switched it up and used the memory foam on top and the soft side on the bottom. I almost didn’t get it back from him. He is trying to figure out how he can get one for himself.

The pillow also got a Gold Star from my daughter who borrowed it because “she had to make sure it was good for herself”. This Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow has earned it’s spot in my bed. Now I just have to make sure it stays there and on my side.

ashley sleep memory foam pillow



My New Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow!

Ashley Sleep is most well known for their Ashley Sleep Smarter Mattreses.

 Ashley Sleep offers Mattresses and Pillows in the following forms:

  • – Memory Foam: Today’s Advanced Memory Foam from Ashley Sleep offers an ultra-comfortable mattress that’s infused with the latest sleep innovations.
  • – Latex: Ashley Sleep Latex mattresses combine eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and renewable materials with a soft base and superior support. Plus, all Latex mattresses are made from a material that’s derived from the sap of plantation-grown rubber trees.
  • – Gel: It’s new, cool, and good for your health! With breakthrough technology infused into each Ashley Sleep Gel Mattress, you’ll enjoy a cooler, more supportive night’s sleep so you can fall asleep faster and wake up feeling restored and rejuvenated – ready to seize your day.

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Put more sleep in your life when you  make the investment in an Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow.

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Disclosure: The Ashley Sleep Memory Foam Pillow has been donated to MadameDeals by Ashley Sleep for review as part of their blogger program.  The views in this post are 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way by the sponsor. The item was not a payment for any favorable opinions.

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