August 9, 2013

Beauty Products Am I really That Ugly

Beauty Products

It is 8:00 pm on Sunday night and I am cleaning out my bathroom cabinet. The reason is simple if another item comes out and hits my toe I do not think I will remember the words ” Oh Sugar”. I have creams that will fix everything from sagging bottoms to plumping my lips. I have a nip and a tuck and things to fill in bumps. I have lipsticks of red and eye liners of purple and I even have a bad breathe fighter for after normal mouth wash. I wonder is this the modern day chaser or the answer to the college day bars events that no longer occur. I have hair colors for spots and those for grey. I have hair spray and hair scrunch, and mouse, and oil, and stuff I do not want to touch. I have a bump it because I saw it on TV. I have deodorants that smell of the sea. I have make up in every shade and texture and powder and brushes galore. I have some many beauty items but I am constantly buying more.

I wonder if all the stuff makes me pretty or pretty pathetic? Who said I need all this and why do I listen. I am remind of days gone by when a smile was all that mattered. A time when freckles connected and an uneven tan was not reprimanded. I am remind of days when it was more important what you said and what you didn’t say instead of what you wore or covered up your real beauty with all these products. I am a product girl but I am giving myself permission to be released from why I use the products. I am going to remind all woman that we are beautiful!

You are beautiful

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