August 24, 2016

ALDI Little Journey

ALDI’s Little Journey

In the past I have shopped at ALDI for many of my perishable groceries, but I never really considered them for my baby’s needs. I was recently reintroduced to ALDI via a Back to School supply drive. Little Journey has been exactly what this tired mom of three needed to meet all of my family’s needs and not just the loudest most immediate ones. After my eyes were opened to all they had to offer for back to school supplies, I realized that they also have exactly what I am looking for in the next step for feeding the baby. He is finally getting a bit of attention one on one from me now that the older kids are back in school, and I’m excited to start trying new things with him. Luckily with the selection, prices, and quality being so fantastic at ALDI we have been able to try all kinds of new flavor combinations with food. ALDI has truly become a one stop shop for our family.

ALDI's Little Journey

One thing I have been really afraid to branch out and try with the baby is the squeeze pouches of food. I know that seems crazy because they make life so much easier, but with the other kids home I was really concerned that he would squeeze the food all over the place when I wasn’t looking and make a bigger mess. I’m happy to report that he has taken to these pouches beautifully and my life has gotten so much easier thanks to ALDI. There’s so many high quality flavor combinations as well! Specifically he really took to the apple and sweet potato* (which is a combination I had not tried with him yet). He has loved apple on its own but had not quite taken to sweet potato until it was mixed together. Perhaps the novelty of the pouch also had something to do with it, but it doesn’t matter because it’s a win-win for me! While I was there I was also able to stock up on all kinds of baby finger foods for him to start practicing with as well. He hasn’t found one he hasn’t enjoyed so far. Because there is such a wide selection to choose from, if he does find one he doesn’t take to, there are many other varieties and flavors to choose from.

ALDI's Little Journey

Another thing I had no idea ALDI is in the business of is diapers and wipes. As almost any mom knows not all diapers and wipes are created equal. It is pretty much the opposite. There are definitely superior and inferior products in this area. ALDI diapers definitely work for our family. They have the comfort and soft feeling material of a higher priced diaper, but definitely hold up (and hold in) like a high quality diaper should. The baby is crawling now and I have had no complaints about how well the diapers from ALDI have done keeping up with him on the go.

ALDI's Little Journey

I have had a revelation shopping ALDI for my family’s needs and I most certainly won’t be turning back. Give ALDI a chance and I am sure you will feel the same as I do.

For more information about the complete line of the Little Journey products and pricing, visit ALDI on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Or visit the ALDI website at

ALDI's Little Journey

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*Price and availability may vary.

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