August 26, 2016

Quick Way to Stop the Whining When Children Come Home from School

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Healthy After School Snacks for Kids

Healthy After School Snacks for Kids

Here is a quick way to stop the whining when children come home from school

The day has ended for them. They are tired, overstimulated, and hungry. They are in fact so hungry that they have taken on the persona of people you do not recognize. It isn’t their fault it all goes back to lunch time at school. You packed them the best possible lunch. They ate nothing or just ate the dessert, or they may have eaten what their neighbor traded them. You have no idea what they have consumed, but it wasn’t enough.

They are currently arguing over nothing like it was everything. You are sure in the next five minutes if you do not provide food that they will eat each other. Yikes! The littlest bit the older or was it the other way around? No, You heard wrong he just threatened to bite. There is still time.

How can you avoid this arguing that resembles Jaws?

Preparation and presentation it is the key to everything. I was in a car once nine months pregnant. I need food like the dessert needs water. I asked my husband to pull over. He didn’t. I began to bite my lip. Then I began looking in my purse on a search and rescue mission I was determined. I needed to eat. After three more miles that felt like twenty, I explained to my husband that he would no longer be safe if my needs weren’t met. I am not sure who took over my mouth, but it exploded with phrases that would have earned me the corner if I was still under my parent’s roof. The desire for immediate food isn’t just found in a woman with a child it is found in everyone. Hunger is an equal opportune nasty person creator.

How can you stop hunger before it takes over your home?

Healthy After School Snacks for Kids

You set up a self-service snack tray. The tray has healthy options which resolve the kids grabbing junk from the cabinets to eat and it gives them food at their fingertips, so you do not lose yours.

The tray should contain healthy after school snacks your kids love:

1) Beverages like Fruit Shoot. Fruit Shoot is a refreshing fruit juice drink made with real juice from concentrate and with no artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup. There is a No Sugar Added Variety that is less than 20 calories and just 3 grams of sugar. Yes! It is amazing. In fact, it was so good my kids were sharing theirs which is much better than taking nibbles of one another.

Fruit Shoot

2) Fruits
3) Vegetables
4) Protein
5) One of their favorite snack items my kids love cheese and yogurt so I alternate those out.

The other reason why a quick, healthy and easily accessible snack is important is so as soon as your children eat they can go outside and play. I will say my kids grab their Fruit Shoot and a napkin of food, basketball, and off they go. It makes me happy to know they are eating the right food and drinks to fuel their bodies. Do not worry if they do not finish their Fruit Shoot they can save it for dinner or drink it at soccer or dance in our house.

Healthy After School Snacks for Kids

I will be honest and share that my kids enjoyed Fruit Shoots so much that I was able to get the trash taken out, and the mail brought up in exchange for one. You can buy them at major grocery store chains, and they are at select Pizza Huts’ menus. I say fuel them up so they can get outside and live like it is the 1980’s where our only objective was to roller skate, ride bikes, and run through sprinklers.

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