December 4, 2013

AdvoCare Challenge: Taking Back My Life Day 24 Update


Day 24 Update: The Journey Continues….

Day 24
Day 24

So here I sit. It’s Day 24 of the Advocare challenge. I am at the end of the program. I have followed the program to the letter. Not once did I cheat. Not once did I deviate from the rules of the game. I knew exactly what I had to do each and every day for 24 days. I did it and as a result I have shed 15 pounds of weight; something I did not think would happen.

Now what?

In the past 24 days I have learned to cook and eat foods that I never ate before. I have learned that I can cook without butter, sugar, sauces, gravies and grease (yes, I said grease). I have discovered that green beans don’t have to have bacon in them to taste good. I have eaten fish, chicken, turkey and lean beef along with fresh vegetables, including brussel sprouts, fruit and whole grains and I survived. I have consumed at least eight bottles of water a day and have not had even a sip of diet soda; something I consumed every day from morning to night before the challenge. I even faced my fear of the gym and have been almost every day for nearly two weeks.

I am beyond thankful for the Advocare challenge and for the opportunity to kick start myself into a new healthier lifestyle, but at the end of these 24 days but now, it’s up to me to keep it going. Yesterday, day 23 I began to feel a bit anxious knowing that the program was coming to an end. What now? For the past 24 days I have had this schedule that pretty much controlled me. Starting tomorrow, Day 25 I am completely on my own. How will it feel to get up in the morning and not have the supplements waiting on the counter for me? How will it feel to make the decision as to what to eat for breakfast? The meal replacement shakes are gone, the boxes are empty and here I am 15 pounds lighter as a result of it all. Now it’s my turn to be in charge and make it work. I am ready. I can do it.

Does the program work? Yes it does. Do I feel better as a result of the program? Yes, I do. Tomorrow I will crawl out of bed and begin a new routine one similar to the routine of the past 24 days; only tomorrow my day will be filled with my own choices; choices that will be made with thought and purpose. I no longer have the desire to eat frozen breakfast sandwiches and corndogs for breakfast and my cravings for junk has been replaced with that feeling you get when you step off of the treadmill after walking three miles in an hour. I choose good health over poor choices and bad habits.

I have taken a picture of myself every day for the past 24 days and posted them on my Facebook page. I won’t do that tomorrow. It is time for me to focus solely on my physical and emotional self without a lot of hype. The press, my press cannot define or control me. It is now time for me to begin the rest of the journey without the flashy pictures and updates that say “hey look at me!” It is time for me to focus on living life with purpose, thought and passion that will allow me to be free from the addiction that has kept me pinned down for far too long. It’s time for me to live my life and be noticed for who I am without the hype of social media and daily pictures. I have proven to myself that I am worth the effort and that it is possible to change. Not only has my physical body changed but my spirit has changed; there is a deep sense of peace resting within me that gives me strength and a desire to be a better person.

I am grateful for the opportunity to take the Advocare 24 day challenge; it’s a great program. For me, I believe the program was a great stepping stone for me to begin the process of changing from unhealthy Karla to a healthier happier Karla or as a friend put it Karla 2.0.

The journey continues…


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