December 3, 2013

AdvoCare Challenge: Karla’s Day 16 Update

AdvoCare Challenge

Day 15 Photo
Day 15 Photo

It’s been 16 days. I am super excited about my progress and am ready to shout it from the mountain tops! I am down 11.5 pounds and feel physically great. The Advocare 24 day challenge has given me the boost I need to finally get on track toward a healthier lifestyle. The past 16 days have been a whirlwind to say the least. There have been days that have zipped by without incidence while other days have caused distress and anxiety. This is not an easy task. Taking the challenge to eliminate bad habits that have caused me to gain weight and become unhealthy is a big undertaking. When I realized and openly admitted that I have a severe food addiction four years ago I was both relieved and overwhelmingly distressed. Had my addiction been another substance I believe I would have been able to work on eliminating it from my life completely; it would have been hard work but somehow I think this is more difficult for me. Food is a necessary element of life. I cannot just give up food because I’m addicted to it. Somehow I have to figure out how to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise program into my life in order to achieve the weight loss and health goals I have for myself. I am making the necessary changes; I am achieving success!

As I write this update today it is 32 degrees outside, rain and sleet are falling from the dreary darkened sky, and I am tired. For me this is a recipe for disaster; or it used to be. Today I am keenly aware that going home alone after work is not an option. The opportunity to binge eat is great and I refuse to cave into that impulse. At this point in my transformation I need to avoid being home alone during stressful times. Focusing on the positives in my life and working to make healthy choices is a necessary challenge that I must face. Today instead of choosing cookies, chips and soda, I am choosing the gym. As difficult as some days are I welcome the challenge and am beyond grateful for the opportunity to take the Advocare 24 day challenge. In life there will be days filled with sunshine and rainbows and others will be filled with clouds and dreariness. It’s in those darker days that I must be able to embrace and conquer. I am grateful for the special people in my life who encourage me daily with emails, texts, and phone calls. Surrounding myself with a strong supportive network of family and friends has given me the boost I need when things get a bit tough and to celebrate the victories along the way.

With Thanksgiving just a few days away I know that I will enjoy sharing a special meal with my family but now am equipped to manage my portions and continue on in a healthy manner. As the days tick by toward the end of my first 24 day challenge I am excited to continue living a healthier lifestyle. I have set small goals for myself and look forward to working toward those goals each day. I have already exceeded my first goal of losing ten pounds by Thanksgiving; yay me!

I have removed the mask I had been hiding behind for so many years and as a result share with you my latest photo of me at the end of a long day…no make-up, messy hair and a heart beginning to fill with peace and joy for who I am at this very moment.


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