February 2, 2015

My Advice for a Successful Relationship

Massage Classes

I am sure if you have been following this site you know I am married. I know collective sigh from all the single guys. Kidding! I have been with my husband for over 18 years now. I can’t imagine my life without him. I do however think relationships take work. They take a lot of work even if you are with the perfect person it still takes work. It is one of the secrets to a happy marriage.  I am often asked how do you make it work? How do you have a successful relationship? I think beyond communicating your needs and wants and working hard to acknowledge your partners and try to meet or exceed their needs you need a plan. You also need the power of touch. I believe the key to a successful relationship is touch. It is that simple. There isn’t anyone who can melt my husband like I can. That is why I agreed to review this course and put it into action. I told my husband what I wanted to do and he couldn’t stop smiling.

My Advice for a Successful Relationship

What is melting your significant other? This isn’t an episode of Frozen for adults. It is however the single most important thing you can do for your partner is touch them. Mind out of the gutter I am talking about a massage. I have a husband who hates having anyone else touch him. He has a bad back and it helps that I know how to give a proper massage. The cost of the course is so minimal considering the time it saves and the fact that I can help my husband feel better. I realized when I brought this idea to his attention how much it was truly needed.

Over the next couple of days we are going to help you build your relationship because we all get busy. The one goal I had for this year was to let the people in my life know they are important. I truly believe the power of touch does that. I believe I have the power to continue to connect with my husband and it is all in the power of my hands.

I would like to invite you to take part in the Melt Class and I even scored you a 20% off discount  This is what the Melt class is:

1) An online class led by Denis Merkas, a Registered Massage Therapist Massage for Couples

2) These videos are PG-rated, high quality and full of fantastic information.

3) These videos are truly about useful massage techniques. They never stray into sexual territory at all. Everyone is clothed at all times – that is Denis and his wife Emma in the actual videos. It’s not at all awkward to watch, unlike some of the other videos that are around on the internet.

4) The videos improve your technique by telling you what you’re doing wrong The videos will break down everything you’re doing wrong in your massage, from how you’re positioning yourself to how much you’re using your thumbs (hint: no thumbs are allowed!) – not only will you learn what you’re doing wrong, Denis shows you how to do it right. Your massage will change immediately for the better.

5) Melt is easy to watch and makes a great date night. The videos are broken down into short tutorials that last only a few minutes each, so you’re not stuck there for hours watching the courses.

6) You can learn at your own pace because you will have lifetime access to the videos.

7) Melt is the best stay at home date night. It’s a great way to spend time together and you don’t even need to get a babysitter, it’s easy to stream to any internet-enabled device in your living room.

8) Melt has been broken down into three short series that make for three great date nights – there’s the Basic Series, the Highlights Series and the Deep Tissue Series. Each builds upon each other and finishes with a follow-along massage routine so you can string all the techniques together and give your partner their first proper massage!

The Basic Series – This series starts with correcting some of the most common massage mistakes and showing you the foundations of your massage with long, sweeping strokes. You watch the short videos with a technique or tip in each, and it ends with a 5 minute follow-along massage routine.

The Highlights Series – This is where things start to get really good! You learn to look for the sore spots on each other’s bodies and how to work them. The neck, shoulders, lower back, arms, head… you’ll find places you didn’t even know that were sore! After you learn the 9 techniques from this series, there’s a 15-minute massage routine to follow along to. Hands still don’t hurt!

The Deep Tissue Series – So many people, myself included, love Deep Tissue stuff but it shouldn’t by over-emphasized. Denis leaves these tips to the very end for good reason, but they are such good techniques. It ends with an epic 30-minute massage follow along massage routine.



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