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Healthy Tilapia Recipes in the Pressure Cooker

Do you come home or are you home and you realize you forgot about dinner. You realize you indeed are incharge of making it. You are like me and you buy stuff when it is on sale. You know that the ultimate list of frugal tips says buy low and stock up. You even know what to stock up on and when. If you do not read our stock up list to help you out. I even have tips of how to or [...]

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Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Be Prepared This Winter with PRI Manuka Honey and more! Get 15% OFF ALL PRI products... Plus FREE SHIPPING! Upon check-out use discount code: Winter15 ShopPRI on Winter is here! Sadly it's also the season for cold and flu, so you should take care of your health and do some precautions. I highly suggest you check out for their health-centric prod [...]

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Superior Source Vitamins Giveaway

Let's start 2018 strong! We need to make sure our whole family's health is in tip top shape. It's important to make sure to have a healthy diet and we give our body a boost of vitamins. Superior Source is my choice of vitamins for my family. I highly recommend you check out Superior Source Vitamins. They have a wide variety of vitamins for adults and even for kids, best part is [...]

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Pressure Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

I love making chicken pot pie! My whole family enjoys it as well, so I make it often for us. I have been cooking lately though with my pressure cooker and thought I could make my chicken pot pie in the pressure cooker too and even save time. I mean isn't that why we use it, to begin with! Here is my recipe for a great Pressure Cooker Chicken Pot Pie. So here is how I make my [...]

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You Need These!

Beach Body Workout in 30 Days
 Beach Body Workout in 30 Days Are you Beach Body Ready!? Me either...but I'm going to try! Everyone's Beach Body Workout is different, and[...]
Living on 30000 or Less: 10 Frugal Living Ideas
Frugal Living Ideas for Living on 30000 or Less As a full-time stay at home Mom and full-time college student, saving[...]
Crockpot Hot Chocolate
Crockpot Hot Chocolate I figured out an easy way to warm up after the snow. I make crockpot hot chocolate. There[...]
Gluten Free Dairy Free Egg Free Recipes
Does your family have different food allergies or sensitivities? Mine does, and it makes meal planning a bit difficult for[...]

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