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August 7, 2013

How to make money blogging

How to make money blogging

make money blogging

The five biggest mistakes a blogger make are easy to spot if you actually make money blogging. I was surprised to find out that most bloggers do not get paid. I know shocking considering how hard it actually is.I decided to help people make money blogging by writing about how to make money blogging. I know people think you just write something and boom your email box fills with offers and money. The truth is it doesn’t you have to fill your email box through intelligence, hard work, and strategies. I would also like to add that 75% of the blogs I visit daily are full of crap. I wrote it crap. That means offers, giveaways, and spam. Do you have real content on your site? Are you speaking to your readers? If I came to your site today on the first page of your site is there evergreen content. If the answer is no then you need to write some. You can’t make money blogging if you do not have a point a view a purpose and something interesting to share. That means if you aren’t grabbing the attention of readers than you aren’t going to attract income.

How do you increase your income in 30 days? You need to get real about what you are doing and hold yourself accountable. Do you have measurable goals?

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January 30, 2011

Ask A Blogger: How do you build an Audience?

Ask A Blogger

Okay, so you have a blog.  You have a button and the code to post so others can promote you.  How do you get people to your site now that you have decorated it with great screen shots?  You head to your newly created Twitter page and think of something good to say.  Except, you only have two followers and your mom has no idea how to log into the twitter account you created for her and the other follower doesn’t speak the same language.

The key is to think of something others want to hear or learn about. You need to define who you are and what your audience is looking to gain from coming to your site. You have to come up with a plan for engaging your audience. The best thing you can do is be true to yourself.

It is very difficult to put yourself out there and have opinions. A blog is not for the faint of heart. I have received ugly comments among the positive comments. The point I always remember is there is more good than bad and if we can help one person make a difference in their life, then we have done our job.

I have really learned a lot about social media in the last couple of months and have put forth a tremendous amount of effort to build my audience.  It is something I am devoting an hour or more to each day.

Here are the top 3 ways I have built my audience:

1) Get a Twitter account, Facebook account, and Google Friend Connect account.  These are the most common social media channels to follow and be followed.  Add plugins to your site to feed your blog directly to these sites. I encourage you to do more then send your site to these media options.  Engage your readers/ followers by sharing more than just the latest deal.

Madame Deals-



When you gain a new follower, respond to their comments. It is important to build relationships.  After all, you are engaging in “social” media.

2) Participate in blog hops. I do one Facebook hop, one Twitter hop, one Stumble hop, and a random hop each week. Here is a list of hops to attend. You can add yours if I am missing it.

3) Design a contest that your readers will enjoy. Madame Deals is the home of  We Love Coupons But We Hate Cutting Them Contest and the We Got It and You Want It Contest where we gather all the items we got for free and add them to the contest daily.

4) Link up your contest to other sites. You can steer their traffic to your site and hopefully you have the content to keep the new visitors interested. I put together a list of giveaways here. This is a super way to gain exposure.