January 22, 2013

5 Tips for Valentine ideas for Children

Valentine Ideas for Children

It is that time of year. I know that we all love to be able to show the people we love how special they are to us. I thought of 5 Valentine ideas for Children. These are some of our old favorites and soon to be new traditions. I believe creating memories for your children is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. If you think back to your childhood it isn’t the things that you had it was the special time you spent with that special someone.

5 Tips for Valentine ideas for Children

1) You can decorate bowls and plates for your Valentine. We headed to the dollar store to pick up our plates and it was a huge success. You can see the results on my Memories at homemade plate decorating post.

2) The next thing I would do is cut out little hearts and have them leading from their bed all the way around the house. You can place chocolate kisses or small notes in different places. Like I remember right here is where we read our first book or this is where you ate your first spoonful of green beans.

3) The next think I would do is make up a tradition our family wears Valentine’s day shirts. I run over to old Navy and Grab some. You can see our Valentine’s day tshirts from last year by reading my creating t-shirts for holidays another great Valentine idea for children  post.

4) The fourth way is to make a special treat for your special someone. I know my kids love to have Cheap Chocolate fondue so I make a huge plate of snacks to dip. You can see my cheap and easy fondue recipe. It is so easy you will do this more often.

5) The fifth way you can tell your children you love them is by doing just that. I am going to write each one of my children a love letter. I will decorate it and make it special just like they are. I think it will be the best part of their day. I know when I receive my card from my husband and my children it is more important than any other item he could give me.


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