October 7, 2013

5 Things I Swore I Would NEVER Do . . . That I Do

Being a mommy I’m sure there are things that you planned to do before, but looking back you will be surprised that your plans and perspective in raising children or running your family has changed a lot. Here’s an awesome post that I found from Mama Break.

5 Things I Swore I Would NEVER Do . . . That I Do

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Here are just some of my favorite parts:

List of things I said I would never do . . . that I do.

1. My children will NEVER watch television, especially anything with ANY violence: This was a big one for me. I swore up and down that my kids would not watch TV. As an intellectual, I know the dangers of too much television. As a full-time working mom of three children, I have learned that television sometimes happens. More often than I would like some days. And on some days my nine year old watches a superhero show and her little brother watches with her. Because they like superhero shows.

2. I would NEVER yell at my kids. I must admit, I was VERY good about not losing my temper . . . right up until I had my third child, and my oldest turned 8. Both things happened the same year, and I learned that sometimes even mom loses her cool. You know what else I have learned, that my kids have learned the value of losing your cool, regaining composure, apologizing to the people you love, and moving on.

5. I would NEVER let my child have a cell phone. Last year, I bought my 9 year old a cell phone. That is right . . . I will repeat it: I bought my 9 year old a cell phone. I am sure that some of you audibly gasped, and some of you nodded your heads. She is only allowed to call her mom, dad, and nana. And it is more for our benefit than hers. She is in a lot of activities and we had more than one occasion when something ran late, got out early, or she needed something at one of her many events. It made life easier, and she has learned responsibility.

5 things I said I would do that I do.

1. Tell my kids I love them, multiple times, every day. I never stop. Every chance I get I tell them. I do not care if they think they hear it enough. I want the script that they play in their heads throughout their day and throughout their lives to be, “I am loved.”

Read the full article at Mama Break: 5 Things I Swore I Would NEVER Do . . . That I Do!

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