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Fashion Friday: Looking Good for $25

Madame Deals


I am a frugal fashion goddess. I believe attitude and aptitude can put you in the “what to wear” category. I say look at what you have and accentuate your features and hide those flaws. What flaws? I love a good deal at the grocery store and I love a fashion score even better. I put together an outfit for under $25. I dress in designer clothes and I never take a financial plunge to get there. I believe it isn’t what you save but it is what you spend!

The grab bag of jewels. This was a huge score for $3.95 I got 16 necklaces. I found three items and my children received the rest.

Ann Taylor Blouse. It is fancy and a little sexy. I bought it for $3.50 it was new with tags at goodwill. The shorts were Jcrew and I bought them for $3.50 also at goodwill on another trip. I actually had a pair of these in a size larger but they were to big so I picked them up for $3.50. The necklace was about $.25. I actually think I have nice legs thus the shorts. The look is fun and sassy.

Then you close the deal with the heels. I got these Banana Republic heels for $14.00 at Plato’s closet. I love a metallic heel. I also love the peep toe.

The items I selected can all be mixed and matched seamlessly in your wardrobe. It is fun to pair work wear up with street wear. The best part is I got all the designer items above for under $25.00. Here is a link to my fashion secrets.

What is your best fashion score? ANSWER THIS TO WIN $1000 that is one thousand dollars!