August 6, 2013

13 Reasons I am glad I married you

Dear Mr. Madame Deals,

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It appears we made it another year. It isn’t surprising. I mean what girl wouldn’t want to be married to a guy like you. I decided that since I am a list maker and you like receiving lists I would tell you the 13 reasons I am glad to be married to you.

13) I still think you are totally hot! (Please, note this does not apply when you wear those short, short, short running shorts. I do not care how fast you run people can still see them) That also goes for biking shorts once you are off the bike you need to put on real shorts)

12) I am still glad I took you over the beer. (I do not drink beer anyway but that was nice of you to buy me one)

11) I get to pick out any movie I want to see because I know within 15 minutes you will be sound asleep. That is also nice because I can eat almost the entire popcorn tub by myself. You will wake up and pretend you weren’t sleeping and grab my hand and tell me you love me then return beck to your nap.

10) You do the laundry. I appreciate this so much since I hate doing the laundry. I do wish the children did not refer to the dining room table as the laundry table, but I know you like to take everything out of the laundry room and pile it on the table so you can work.

9) You clean a mean car. What other man has his own carpet cleaner for his car?

8) You have an incredible laugh. I can hear you anywhere that we go.

7) You are a great son and brother and friend.

6) Because 13 reasons isn’t enough I could list millions.

5) You always ask do other guys do this. The answer is no. I am never admitting to that again so you may want to print this for your record. I am pretty sure most guys do not do all the wonderful and special things you do for myself and the kids. I am sure that many people have made a rule for themselves that involves being the best husband they can be so they can show their sons and their daughter how important it is to provide more than finances to the family but to provide love and support.

4) I love you because you are my best friend and you know when I have had a bad day it is best to take over everything and send me to read a good book or take a bubble bath often asking if you can pick me up dinner on the way home.

3) Because you are a great dad and our children mean everything to me.

2) You follow my rule and always have.  (The adore me rule) I do appreciate that you adore me and yes I do realize I am a bit sassy, moody (mostly caused by hunger or horrible shopping opportunities in Virginia), ADD, persistent, energetic, and somewhat complicated. I do realize that I can’t do everything but I will rest later.

1) Because you are unique and special and incredibly talented and loving. I can’t imagine going one day without talking to you and that was my whole reason for me marrying you in the first place.

I just wanted to let you know that I love you and I wish you a happy anniversary. I may have bought you a present that is in the coat closet. Yes, I know ou hate when I spend money and I know you do not need anything. I do promise that you will like this gift and it will help you save money in the future.




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