12 Days of Happy

My 12 Days of Happy

12 days of happy

A fellow Michigan blogger , Parsimonious Pash, is sharing her “12 Days of Happy” and invited others to join in on the fun. Most people spend the month of November saying what they are thankful for. I have found though that when Thanksgiving passes they forget everything they were supposedly thankful for. Today was a very stressful day for me and I found myself forgetting what actually made me happy and got lost up in the decorations and memories of past Christmases. I had to really dig deep to find my 12 Days of Happy because ……

It seems every year my Christmas collection grows smaller as my family seems to break at least two pieces. Everytime something is broke it is because they were doing something they weren’t supposed to or not paying attention. Today was no different as we pulled out the Christmas decorations and within 15 minutes my daughter broke one of my Limited Edition Precious Moments figures with a rock. Yes, a rock! I can’t even begin to explain why she even had a rock. I have to admit I lost it and went and holed up in the family room to “work” or to be more honest “sulk.” While I was working I read the post by Ashley at Parsimonious Pash and realized I was indeed “sulking” while my family proceeded to decorate. I decided to take her challenge of sharing my “12 Days of Happy”. I may not be able to replace the objects that hold memories of the past but I can certainly make sure to create new memories.

So without further ado…..

My 12 Days of Happy

1. God – Even in my darkest hour or times of pain, He is always there for me and even though I don’t understand everything I know He will see me thru.

2. My Husband – I know everyone says they are are happy for their family but my husband is truly my rock. We don’t always see eye to eye and there are days we bicker and fight but I could not imagine my life without him.

3. My Daughter – She is only 9 but full of knowledge well beyond her years. She tries my patience and sometimes it is like to (or arguing) with myself but she makes me a better person. She makes me see things unjaded and for the beauty they have. She always sees the good and reminds me to try harder.

4. My Son – He is now 15 but was 3 1/2 when I met his dad (my husband). He may not be mine biologically but I love him just as much as my daughter. I have always shared with him that he was born of my heart and will always hold a special place no one else can fill.

5. My Pets. We have a houseful of our own but there is always a place for foster dogs. We have had dogs as young as 1 day old and senior citizens. Each one leaves a paw print on our families’ hearts. My own 3 dogs, 2 cats, snake, hamster and fish complete our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. My Family – From my siblings and parents to my 2nd cousins, we are a close knit bunch. The memories we make whenever we are together are truly unforgettable.

7.  Singing to the Radio. Or in some cases singing to my phone or television. I don’t care how silly I look or crazy I may sound it is a big stress relief and makes every car ride more entertaining.

8. Hot Tea – I don’t drink coffee but I love to enjoy a nice cup of hot tea. Nothing brightens my day like a nice glass of tea. It brings back memories of my grandmother. When we would go out to eat she would always order Hot Tea and request 2 pots of water. I have progressed past “tea bags” in my choices but every now and then I have to transport myself back to those days. 

9. DVR I can record my favorite TV Shows and Movies and watch them when I want to. This is a great way to unwind at the end of the day and indulge in a little me time.

10. Vacations I love taking a break from life and getting away. My favorite trips are with family but I truly enjoy a good girl’s trip.

11. Shoes I don’t spend a lot of money on shoes but I love having different styles and colors to wear just because.

12. Blogging The products to review and trips to enjoy are fun but the greatest joy I  receive is when I can Pay It Forward and pass on these great things to other people. Today I was able to donate boxes of toys from products I received to review and it made me happy to see my children help load them up.


And, by all means, post your 12 Days of Happy and then use the linky so we can all keep up with all your 12 Days of Happy…..here’s the linky and the code is below if you want to tag other folks and include the linky for them. If you would like to add the linky to your post just go to grab it here.

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