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I am sure you are wondering who is this “Madame Deals”? You can find out more about me by checking out my all about me page. I am sure you are also wondering why we came up with this idea to have an intern. The reason is simple I blog and I do so full-time and I earn a full-time income. It hasn’t been a get “rich quick venture” instead I have carefully developed my business to mirror what I think is important and that is helping others. I was approached by Blue Kangroo  to do social media promotions. I do giveaway events for large brands through Madame Deals Media all the time so this wasn’t something new. What was new was the willingness of Blue Kangroo to enable me to enable one of you. They also believe that helping others do more with less is important.

I have always been a teacher and I am someone who does her best to help others make their dreams possible. I am extremely grateful for the support of my fans, friends, and customers who have helped me become successful but I know that is has been my hard work and my willingness to listen, learn, and educate myself that has helped me achieve my goals. I define success as being able to do more for others while still providing for my family . I truly believe we each have abilities and some of mine are mentoring, helping, and empowering people.

On to the prize I could talk or write all day thus why being a teacher and a blogger were perfect career paths for myself. You will be expected to put in at least 5 hours a week into working on the Blue Kangroo site on my behalf. We will speak weekly and I will help you with your goals by providing you with a game plan and tips that have allowed me to work from home. You will be expected to try to find the best deals and share them with my readers. This opportunity will teach you about marketing, trends, social engagement, brand recognition, blogging and team work. It will provide you with a little bit of spending money and hopefully it will help you follow your dreams.

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I am very excited to get to work with one of you! You are always welcome to submit unique content because Madame Deals is a site about sharing and helping others Make Dollar$ out of Change.  GUEST post <—- write for me NOW!

The  job Description is:

You will work for 5 hours every week  or 20 hours a month on my board on Blue Kangroo and on Madame as an intern. You will gain knowledge in social media, blogging, and business development.  You will create posts on my site directing people to my board. You will have the opportunity to pick the best deals and share them with my readers. We work hard to help our readers save money on the items they are already buying. We want to make it easier for them to have what they need and want for less than they are paying now.

You will also get to speak with me once a week and we will work on your business or project if you have one. I will answer questions pertaining to how I built my business and help you do the same. I run my business by using a team approach. I would welcome you into my team. The internship is paid. You will only receive payment if you work. You can stop at anytime in the 90 days and the runner up would be offered the job.

Stipend information Below

The job will pay be $200 a month. You will be expected to report your income and will receive a 1099 from Madame Deals, INC. This is a wonderful opportunity to make a little cash but the real benefit is the knowledge you will receive. I currently charge for consultations and you will receive my help as part of your package.

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