Paying it forward


Paying it Forward

I hope you have been inspired by the power we all have to make a difference. You can see my inspiration in my $100 story.  I have heard that some of thing I have done could possible offend people. I am here to tell you if your heart is in the right place then you can’t offend anyone. If it is offensive then I intend to offend as many people as possible this year by helping others.  You may not have money and you may not have a lot of time but if you have a big heart and a willingness to let others in then. Help me by participating each Friday to pay it forward. I will do an envelop drop each Friday. I will put a business card I made on Ink garden into an envelop with a gift card or cash and leave it on a car window of a stranger. The purpose is to create kindness. I mean who wouldn’t get excited over someone else thinking about them.

We have a list of things you can do for FREE to help others. I am going to ask that you document what you have done this week to help others. If you fill out the form below. I will collect our journey and document it in our $100 story. It was my resolution this year to create a “Helping others Revolution.”


Topic: Paying it Forward

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