$100 Story Paying it forward

I know that as I sit here in my house with my family asleep upstairs that I am grateful. I am grateful each day that I am in a position to help. It wasn’t long ago that I taught school. I gave up teaching and stayed home to raise my children. This site began as a way to teach people and help people.

It has helped me and I believe in paying it forward. I am a person that believes we each have the power to do something to help others. You can see how this whole $100 story started in my $100 Story post. The short story is my husband gave me $100 to spend on myself and instead I bought people children’s gifts that I didn’t know. It became an awesome example of paying it forward and love. I am at it again. I think that sometimes things happen for a reason and this is what I was meant to do.

Paying it Forward

This is how you can help. You can visit my site often. You can share my site with your friends and family. If you do those things then more companies will be willing to donate to my $100 story. I mean who wanted want to be part of helping others. The best part of the $100 story is knowing somewhere I helped make a difference.

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Keep entering I have more dreams to deliver.


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