10 Ways to Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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The day in the life of a mom and a wife. It is 6 am and here we go three children, in my bed asking mom where do we go? Go where you ask? I often wonder how they do not know it is time for school. I get up with a start only to see a big mess staring at me. You know the mess that only P&G products can make disappear. I give my youngest Bounty Advanced Paper Towels and vinegar and water and he then start to work on the toothpaste on the mirror. It just makes it clearer.

P&G Household Needs Products at Costco

I look and my daughter who has decided to replicate Madonna. It was the 80’s right when makeup and hair were done just right? You know what she did big hair and makeup everywhere. The problem is the sink is now a big mess. It is messier than the lipstick that she applied herself. Oh, Joy! I have the solution in the Costco sized box of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. She will use that to make cleaning a breeze. I highly suggest buying stock of these. They really do get almost anything off with ease. I can’t tell you how many times they have saved my children from long-term punishment. I buy them as part of my baby shower gifts to people. If you have kids you need a magic eraser and even if you don’t, you need these. Trust me!

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These are my favorite ways to use my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and if you are a parent make sure to write them down!

10 ways to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

1) They remove toothpaste.

2) To remove crayons.

3) They remove scuff marks from the floor, door, and walls (not sure how they get there but they get them clean).

4) They remove scuff marks from shoes (I learned this after my daughter borrowed my heels to play in! They also work on tennis shoes).

5) They remove hair spray (Thanks to my daughter I discovered this she got it everywhere on the counter, mirror, and cabinets).

6) Removes mold. I discovered this after finding a lunch box that had not been emptied! Gross but I was able to save it thank you, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Bounty Advanced.

7) Removes the adhesive after a stick has been removed. I learned this after my children made my care window PRETTY. Not!

8) They will also remove nail polish. I learned this after my daughter painted her dolly. It looks better in pink mom 🙂

9) Removes pens and markers from almost everywhere. I learned this after my children decided to color their wall.

10) They clean the faces of my daughter’s doll really well. When I removed the nail polish, I gave the doll a magic clean bath.

The bonus Real Advice Gal tip is to use them for the high chair they are great at cleaning those. I also found they are the only thing that gets that grease out of plastic like when you make leftover spaghetti sauce in containers.

Okay, back to my morning. I went downstairs only to find the third child who made himself a bowl of oatmeal missed the bowl and now we have oatmeal everywhere. He was given the Swifter Sweeper Dry, which is the perfect resolution to his inability to get the oats in the bowl. The Swiffer Sweeper is also helpful with my little Madonna’s makeup disaster because it will get the eyeshadow off the floor. It is easier to use the Swiffer Sweeper® for the dry surface because once you wet eyeshadow it is a huge mess.

I can say not a day goes by that you do not use P&G products if you have kids. They are the ones we rely on and need to make sure our house is a home. We value how well they work and how economical they are. We buy ours at Costco because we use them so often, and they are more economical in large quantities. They are usually running a promotion where you can pick them up even cheaper. It’s the little details that P&G Household Needs products have that make them different from other brands. They are just better. They also save me time and money to buy them at Costco since we use them so often to not have to run to the store and keep buying them. You can plainly tell that from bed to school require a daily P&G product intervention.

Make sure to check out all available P&G products at Costco.


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