June 20, 2013

10 Things to Know Before Volunteering

What you need to Know Before Volunteering

know before volunteering

I have recently learned the hard way that even when volunteering you need to do your research. My family has been volunteering and fostering with a local animal rescue since the beginning of the year. All the pictures of the cute puppies who needed help made my brain go to mush and I didn’t look much further than the animals that needed help. Questioning and finding out how things worked and talking with previous volunteers never came to my mind until I was burned last week after an unfortunate incident.  I decided to sit down and come up with a list of questions, I wish I had asked when we started working with this group. These will now be an important part of which organization I volunteer with and hope others can avoid being burned themselves by finding out the answers to these 10 questions.

10 Things to know before Volunteering

  1. Is the organization or group an established 501(c)( 3).
  2. How long as the organization been around.
  3. How many volunteers?
  4. Organization/Management of Volunteers
  5. Will training be provided?
  6. What is required of you when volunteering.
  7. Do they have references from current and previous volunteers you can speak to.
  8. How long of a commitment is required?
  9. Can families volunteer together?
  10. What is the organizations mission?


If you are volunteering for an animal rescue, these are some additional questions to ask.

  • How many animals are currently seeking homes?
  • How many adoptions are done weekly/monthly?
  • What is the foster and adoption policies?
  • If your foster animal does not work out in your home, what is the process for re-homing?
  • What is the return rate on animals?
  • What type of disclosure is provided on previous incidents (bites, attacks,etc.)?
  • What is provided from the rescue?
  • What is expected of you/What do you have to provide?

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Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience as long as you are equipped with knowledge ahead of time. So get ready to make a difference and change your feelings towards helping out. Just make sure that you have asked these 10 questions so you have the answers you need to know before volunteering.

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