July 3, 2014

10 Things My Daughter Taught Me

10 Things My Daughter Taught Me


Today someone asked me what the most important thing that I have taught my daughter was. I could think of quite a few things that I deemed pretty important, but I decided the most important thing that I have taught her so far was to be kind to everyone, no matter how different they are. (Easy to teach when your parent is covered in tattoos and crazy hair color huh?). But it got me thinking, people are always so consumed with what they have taught their children, but do they ever think about what their kids have taught them? 

I think my daughter has taught me just as much (if not more) than what I have taught her. She is only 6 years old, but she has changed who I am (for the better) and I hope one day she can look back at this post and see how though she is tiny, she has taught me a lot about life!

*The picture above is my daughter at her first trip to Disney world. She loved her new Ariel dress so much, she refused to take it off to go to sleep, and so I let her sleep <3

Here are 10 things my daughter has taught me:

1.It’s ok to be Silly! Something about having kids brings out the silly in all of us (or it should anyways). I was rather young when I had her (19 to be exact) and I was in the “too-cool for school” and wasn’t very fun. I was blessed with the silliest daughter ever and I am thankful for that ever day!


2. Staying home playing is more fun than going out to party ever was- I will admit, I was a party girl. Out till 4 am every morning, working just so I could pay off my bar tab, you know what I mean. Now that I’m a parent, I can’t remember the last time I went to a bar. And you know what? I’m completely ok with that. My daughter has showed me I can have more fun in my pjs being a nurse to her Dr.Dill and Fill.

3. Patience- I’m sure other moms (and dads!) can hear me when I say that being a parent teaches you lots of patience. I never wanted kids, it’s just not something I ever envisioned myself doing. My daughter really had to teach me how to be patient with her, and now I can’t imagine not being a mommy!


4. How to set a budget- Yep. Not something you would expect a 6 year old to teach you huh? Here is what I mean. Kids are expensive. There is NO way around it. (And to you parents that have more than 1, you are braver than me). That photo above? That was the Katy Perry concert from last week. Tickets for that were over $400. (Worth every penny, for the record). But being able to do that took a lot of budgeting and cutting back on my part. If it wasn’t for her I would have nothing important to budget for.

5.That some things never change – Even with ever-growing technology and advancements, some things stay the same. My daughter loves the same Disney movies I watched when I was a kid, and plays with Barbies, just like I did. I love being able to connect with my daughter in the same ways my mom connected with me.


6. That you will never truly know how scared you can be until your become a parent – My little girl was born only 5lbs and could fit in my husband’s hand. It dawned on me that I am responsible for another human’s life. That is one of the scariest moments of clarity in my life. Every time that little girl falls down and skins her knee, I have a mini heart attack.

7. I never new what true love was until I became a Mom – One of the most important things my daughter has taught me is how to love honestly and completely. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but the love between a mother and daughter can not be compared to anything else in the world. For teaching me about that bond I will be forever grateful.

photo 3 (6)

8. That things aren’t always going to work out, and that’s ok – In the photo above we were on vacation and it started to rain. I got really annoyed and angry and my little girl looked up at me and said “Mommy, it’s ok, it’s just rain, it won’t hurt!”. And she was right. As adults we seem to notice the worst in every situation, and our kids tend to see the best. We grabbed some ponchos and danced in the rain after this picture was taken. And I don’t even remember what the real plan was supposed to be.

9. How much better giving is than receiving –  I used to love buying things for myself. Going on vacations, getting awesome birthday and Christmas presents. None of that compares to the joy I have when I watch my little girl open up a present that I got her, or telling her that we are going on a trip. She is such a happy and thankful child.

photo 4 (11)

10. That I’m doing a good job – You are going to get opinions on your parenting from everyone, but whose opinion really matters? To me, it’s my daughters. If she is healthy, happy, and a good person, then I’m doing my job right. It took me a long time to learn that, but my daughter tries to remind me every day that I’m a great mom, and watching her grow into a beautiful young lady is proof enough <3

What have your kids taught you? Let us know in the comments below!

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