You Have to Look Closely

Today I was reminded of how incredibly well fast food restaurants market their higher priced products.

My husband and I stopped into a fast food restaurant for a quick bite and, after ordering our food, I heard two senior ladies trying to figure out how to order plain burgers, fries and coffee.   I looked up at the menu board and realized all the “combination value meals” were right above the cashier, complete with tempting photos, large print descriptions, and an array of high prices.

In order to see the restaurant’s basic offerings, customers had to look for another menu board which is off to one side, turned perpendicular to the main menu board, and filled with much smaller print descriptions (and no pictures).  This was just another reminder to me of how important it is to look closely to find the true “values” when you shop or eat out.

What types of marketing displays have you noticed recently?

Did they offer true values or were they filled with high priced, impulse items?

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  1. Sara says

    Most McDonalds still offer the All American meal, even though it is not always listed on the menu board. It’s similar to a happy meal, but comes with a larger drink at a lower price.


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