Xtreme Customz Party by Ridermakerz Review

Fun Abounded Around The Table at the Xtreme Customz Party

xtreme customz

Thank to Mommy Parties I was given the chance to have an Xtreme Customz Party for my nephew, Michael. We were sent the Xtreme Customz BATMAN ridez! For those that aren’t familiar with Xtreme Customz, they are a line of customizable cars/ride kits that you can buy at your local store. They offer cars with Super Hero Themes to Military Jeeps. There is a car or 5 that every child (young and old) will want to buy and make.

We started off our party with the intention that everyone would work together so no one would get stuck. This mom was not sure how well 6-7 year olds would do on their own. Once the parts were removed from the box,there was no holding them back and before long we had completed cars littering the dining table.

xtreme customz

As soon as I gave the word,  they went scrambling to the sidewalks to hold car races and see whose car could go the fastest. They even started modifying their cars with the extra parts they had in their kits. My daughter had begged to be allowed to be part of the “boy car party” and she lent them her sidewalk chalk so they could draw courses on the driveway.

Not to leave anyone out, we invited dads and moms to come along to our Xtreme Customz Party. The dads got caught up in the excitement themselves and I caught them creating their own car when I came back with snacks.

xtreme customzThe Xtreme Customz Party was a huge success and before they all went home happy and exhausted, I was able to snag a picture of one of our finished projects.They went home with a list of all the extra parts and other kits they wanted to add to their birthday lists.

xtreme customz

To check out what Xtreme Customz has to offer check them out here.

On the Web–Xtreme Customz by Ridermakerz

On Facebook —Xtreme Customz

Xtreme Customz are available for sale at Toys R Us,Amazon,CVS, and Target!

Disclaimer:These products were donated to MadameDeals by Moms Select for review. All opinions are 100% my own and have been in no way influenced by the receipt of these products.


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