How to Inflate a Wubble Review

Disclosure: I received product and compensation courtesy of Wubble for this review, but all opinions on this post are 100% mine.

inflate a wubble

How to inflate a Wubble Review

I will say that my kids loved the Wubble.  I received one to review. I put it to the test all right I have three active kids who were more than willing to give it a try. They were so eager that they opened the Wubble Bubble Ball box when I wasn’t around. Thus we were missing the sticker that lets you know how large the Wubble is and when to stop filling it. They loved sitting on it, kicking it, throwing it, and running around it. I can image it would be a lot of fun at a party. I also had several interested kids come to my yard and the joined the fun. There was only one area of concern and that was inflating it. It should take three minutes. I guess I am below average because I couldn’t figure out how to inflate the Wubble at first.

How to Inflate a Wubble Review

This is how you do it. You lay the ball flat. You look in the circle to try to find the tiny slit in the ball on the top. Then you put the plastic “T” shaped item that expands. You put it in the slit and open up the whole as far as you can. Then you remove the “T” thing that opens the hole. Finally, you put in the nozzle and hook it up to the air pump blower.

wubble inflation

I tried that and I tried again with little to no luck. This is what I did. I put in the “T” looking thing to open the hole. Then I pushed from under the bottom of the ball until I could see that the slit was there and the hole was being opened. I was able to put in the nuzzle and I hooked it up to my shop vac to make sure it was really working prior to putting back on the air unit that came with the ball. This is helpful information in case you didn’t buy the air pump unit, you can use a shop vac.

Just so you know: Wubble are made from a unique thermo-stretch material, the Wubble™ bubble ball’s patent-pending technology makes it squishy, strong and incredibly lightweight. The kids thought it was really cool and fun to play with! They were amazed that it inflates to 3 feet which is almost bigger than they are.


The Wubble™ bubble ball comes with a battery-operated air pump and easily inflates in about three minutes.

Online Price: $19.99 – Deluxe Kit* with second Wubble™ free with additional shipping. Total package price $37.97. *Deluxe Kit includes: Red & Blue Wubble™ bubble balls and pump.

In Store Price – less than $25 with pump, less than $15 for single Wubble™.

You can buy Wubble Bubble Ball at or in the store or at

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